The New Kid on the Block

This is a usual scene at my home, when my child kick me away from my laptop. I found extraordinary to see my 8 years old daughter, while she listens to some metal music on hers headphones and making some magical creatures in Krita. Here is the new kid on the block in my profession. And I made a promise I’ll show her a Blender 2.8 this month :-).

This project is my first project done in Blender 2.8. It wasn’t easy, I fight with my old habits from 2.79 and some bugs in Blender 2.8. But EEVEE is great. I’m using a standard office laptop and it’s incredible that I could render a very nice turntable with it.



Cute and awesome!
I envy kids these days! they have a lot of good tools to be creative and have fun!

“These are the times … to re-mem-ber … for they will not last for-ev-er. These are the days to hold on to … cause we won’t al-though we’ll want to …” – Billy Joel


this is so cool :slight_smile: It really warms my heart, especially because your daughter is following in your creative footsteps. You must be so proud of her :smiley:

I FEEL that “fight with my habits from 2.79” in the depths of my soul, by the way :sweat_smile:

Ooooooooooh yeah – it was like that for me too. I wasn’t gonna use 2.8 until the release candidates. But there were more and more tutorials in it that I wanted to do, EEVEE’s a lot of fun, and one day a switch threw in my head and 2.79 was the clunky one.

@kekeljevic Congrats on your creative child!

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It’s interesting how they take internet, computers, softwares for granted, how fast and easy they learn to use this technologies.
I still don’t feel to old to be creative and to have fun :smile:

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I’m proud to have a creative kid, it’s really cool when she choose Krita and Blender instead of TV or mobile phone games.
My daughter tried Blender 2.8 today and she manage to use it for digital sculpting. New Blender is more friendly for beginner users, then for old users :smile: . Nevertheless, I’m planning to turn that switch in my head, just need some more time to adopt to new routines and rewrite some scripts I’m using.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank You so much. Great :slight_smile:

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