The new missionary

made some minor changes to the light.Add a flame,working on the smoke.
and finally adding some mist, to fit the first balloon to the atmosphere.
Still wondering what you think?? You may c&c , don’t by affray.

C&C welcome, thanks

Where was this picture in the background taken? It looks like Slovakian side of Tatras Mountain.

first thing that comes to my mind is:
do not post highres images directly! unacceptable for users without 30" screens.

i like both the background pic and the render, but it doesn’t integrate 100%. according to the shadows, the light on the ballon-think comes from a totally different direction than the light on the background. also if you spend some more time compositing it, i think it would benefit a lot.

“do not post high res images directly! unacceptable for users without 30” screens." Second next time post a link or 600 width

Looks great just need to work on you lighting, look at your background lighting and shadows and try to mimic that.

oups really sorry about that.
Thanks for the advice , and useful comments.
I did a update whit more acceptable sizes.
@rozmiarek : I don’t now , but if so , it is really beautiful there .

Updating it again , still working on this.
Adding some smoke , and adjusting the light a bit.
Come on C&C please. :wink:

Looks nice,

The only thing I’d say in terms of C&C is you should try and match the atmosphere. If you notice there is a blueish mist that recedes into the background. I think the red balloon at least should be affected by it and probably a little bit on the foreground stuff

thanks tmcthree , I try to find a solution .
I try a other background for a more dramatic effect, whit some mist.
Witch you prefer and why. thanks for the reply ( if so ? )

how did u do the figher ?

I think you mean fire ? The flame is made whit particles. Like the foreground mist and the smoke of the fire. see also
I hope this helps.


I think I’m sleepy :smiley:

Thank you for the link

I think both look pretty good.

Just remember about mist/atmosphere that all large scale scenes are effected by it. It’s just a consequence of looking through air. The more air there is between the eye and the object, the more misty and blueish things look. If you dont set up an atmosphere scenes tend to look like miniature/models.

made a new update.