The New Sculptris is out!!!!!!! for Mac and Wins!!!!

It is released.

Link to infomation and download

Great to see a new Sculptris release, but a bit disapointed that there is no new tools or functions (i was so hoping for the remeshing tool DrPetter showed last year) out of that “goz” button that i don’t have any use for.

At least i hope the better compatibility means additionally that the crashes problems with some topology and during the paint mode when loading some uv-mapped model in 1.02/alpha5 have now been fixed

Well the first UV mapped .obj I pulled it crashed it lol

EDIT: In fact every Blender exported .obj I’ve tried importing has crashed it…intresting

Have pixologic removed the -very- usefull “hide one side of the symmetry” function ?
I tried switching back and forth between the default zbrush nav and the sculptris one in the option, but it change nothing, the function is not available on any key.

In alpha5/1.02 pressing numpad 9 was working very well and was very good when working on complex sculptures, as it was even more usefull than the H / H+drag click function.
I hope it’s only an overlook, as it would simply be ridiculous to remove such usefull asset.

At least i always have 1.02/Alpha5 on my harddrive for when i’ll need that function.

“hide one side of the symmetry” function ?

Keyboard number 9 works for me (not numpad)

I just downloaded it today on my Mac and it works so much better than before. I think the site is down right now but keep trying again and download it yourselves…


Excellent. This needs to be on blender nation.

Thanks, so they only moved the key, couldn’t work as easily on some of my sculpture without this.

Blender nation? But it isn’t blender related… is it?

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is posible work only with quads polys and not with triangles in scupltris?

I dont think so.

There doesn’t seem to be any new features, just zBrush integration and MacOS support… yawn.

I’ve been testing it out and putting it through blender and everything seems to be working great… especially for the Mac… Us mac users need this to be release, it sucks having to run windows on the machine to run Sculptris.

crash very times in my pc, well, i think that sculptris in the hands of pixologic had a bad future, is sad, because this tool would be great, a company with a comercial product how zbrush are not interested in develop a free tool that make the same thing.

Nice to see its still free!

no new features :confused:
hehe its my strange habit whenever i am frustrated i go to sculptris and start sculpting anything without knowing what im making. did the same just now with old&gold (and ofcourse small to download) sculptris and here are the results:

an alien head that looks ok to me. negligibly tweaked in blender.

After sculpting for half a hour, i don’t see much difference from this version and 1.02/alpha5 that i use daily in term of performance, but the ease of sculpting is the same (once you can get back your Scultpris shortcuts instead of zbrush one by enabling the Sculptris navigation in the Options), so i’m sure Mac users will have lot of fun after not being able to use previous versions.

Spent a few dozen of minutes doodling a goblinoid head from the default sphere.

I’ve used the previous versions on My Windows Machine, Linux(wine) , and Virtual Windows on my Mac. The native version on the mac is working so much better than the previous version. I haven’t don’t a my Windows machine yet but I plan to tomorrow since I have class today. There is some changes in use I have notice, tho it’s pretty much the same just a little more smoother I think at least.