The new softbodies are great but...

I think we should start a list of bugs and features that would make the new soft bodies usable in a real game, aside from a random flag here and there.
In other words, “Problems I ran into when trying to make a loco-roco clone”

setLocation([x,y,z]) and constraint actuators do not work correctly for soft bodies.

Feature request:
Some kind of control for volume/size of soft bodies. (Size IPO or ShapeAction?)

Perhaps you should submit a bug to the bug tracker. Log in to the Blender Projects website and submit it:

I see. Thanks for the link.

Believe it or not, the devs actually do check the bug tracker :wink:

You cannot control soft bodies by setting the position.

Instead, use the motion actuator ‘applyForce’, to control the soft body. you can also embed a rigid body inside a soft body, and control the position of that embedded body.

See usage and known issues here:

Hope this helps,