The new Star Wars...: Is Lucas now worse then Uwe Boll? (Long live Jar Jar Binks!)

Considering the bad reviews on the Indiana Jones movie the critics may end up bashing his work to an even greater magnitude then Uwe Boll.

Has Lucas become a money grabbing franchise milker, or is he still even worth admiring?

Will this cause Lucas to be forgotton and die a pauper after fans cause his company to collapse, or will he stay famous?

The CGTalk thread on this is halarious, it actually sounds like Lucas’ new stuff makes Uwe Boll look like an Oscar winning director:spin:

Anyway, if he does die poor and completely hated by the former fans and forgotton it would make for an interesting read in a future Bathroom reader.

Somebody beat you to it…

I think Lucas will always be remembered and famous for the original Star Wars trilogy and Indiana Jones. The second trilogy was… alright. Episode III was pretty good. I kind of liked the new Indiana Jones movie. That said, anyone over the age of nine who goes to see the new Star Wars movie had better have all the legal documents affirming their diminished mental capacity. I was kind of mad at Lucas for Jar-Jar Binks, but an animated film? With different voice actors? And cartoony Pixar-ish animation? ??? It sounds like Lucas has rubbed the Star Wars Stamen waaaaaay too long, and I hope no one goes to see the resulting excrement known as Clone Wars. Sorry for the visual.

But I actually like Jar Jar.

No offense, but I like Jar Jar more then all the human characters and even Yoda.

This can’t be that bad, I’ll be seeing if it’s so when I see it in the theatre.

AAAH!!! No!!! A Jar-Jar Lover!!! :eek:
Quick, get the duct tape!!! We must lynch him!!

And, – wait are you SERIOUS??? Are you actually going to see the new Star Wars movie in theaters??? Could this be possible? Even the CG in that movie is atrocious.

Trust me, it CAN be that bad.

Wait a second, you like Jar-Jar more than ALL the human characters??? Even Darth Vader? Are you actually a Gungan in disguise or something? What is WRONG with you?!?! :confused:

Magnum: Don’t ever compare this movie with Pixar. Ever. Not even to the small extent that you did.

Sorry if I come off as some insane Star Wars fan, but I can’t help myself when faced with atrocities like this.

EDIT: I think I should give a summary of all the Star Wars movies I know of:

Original Trilogy: To awesome to mention.

Episode I: Yawn. I found this movie terribly boring, and I am not easily bored.

Episode II: I don’t remember this one, even though I saw it twice. This was the one with Jango and that forgotten planet with those skinny aliens, right?

Episode III: Yes, I think this one was actually good. It was a while since I saw it, but compared with Episodes I and II it was awesome.

The Clone Wars: You would have to bribe with with large sums of money or drug me or tie me up in chains or something equivalent to get me to see THAT movie.

Here’s my opinion after seeing the movie in theatres.

Just got back from seeing it and it was AWESOME.

I have to say, it’s Star Wars, the action, the dialogue, Star Wars strikes again.

There was only one scene where I noticed poor compositing, the white line aka someone forgot to pre-multiply the alpha.

Sorry if you thought it was Star Crap, but what would I say, I enjoyed the movie and some action was intense, the problems and bickering between Anakin and his padawan was a treat.

About individual polygons, I thought it looked like a crease in the subsurf to an extent rather then an individual poly.

Wait a second, you like Jar-Jar more than ALL the human characters??? Even Darth Vader?

Darth Vader gives stiff competition, but mesa loves Jar Jar.

This means war. :ba:


Can’t say I have seen any of the shorts of the show.

well I saw the ‘movie’ too.

it never should have been shown in theater. Simply for the fact that it needs to be taken as a ‘chronicle’…a show part of a tv-serie. it ain’t a movie.

The scenario is crap, the dialogues are cheesy. But overall, for a tv-show, the visual were excellent. Definitly the best looking animated serie on tv. The ‘painted like’ textures were nice looking (even if some said they looked low-res…). Most of the characters look great, except Palpatine who got a bit too much caricaturised…

But yeah, it’s a ‘kid’ show. But if watched with a grain of salt (and taking it as a ‘chronicle’ instead of a full feature film), it’s entertainment.

but I wouldn’t say it’s worth 10$ to see it on the big screen…wait till it’s on air along with the other episodes.

There are some movies to be made as CGI animations, and Star Wars is definately not one of them… maybe even the kids (their target audience I hope) will look at what a poor change Lucas brought to this once great franchise.