The New Troopers

My latest project, took me about a week to finish:

Post-pro DOF, right? It’s much too extreme. In real life the focus doesn’t abruptly go blurry like that. I’d fix or remove the DOF. Otherwise looks good, I’m not crazy about the composition or lighting but I’m bad with those things myself so I don’t know what to suggest.

If this is a spaceship holding troops, it must be some way off, which eliminates dof in the distance.

Currently, it looks like a toy lying on a rock.

Is that the look you were going for?

I like it, but the way you modelled the ground and its textures makes the tank look like it’s only 50 cm tall, maybe less.

Also the rock is too clean, it misses some gravel, …


i like it, but i agree with Dimmu, the DOF is too much. Its nice that you included it, but it blurs up awfully fast. good work!


way too much DOF. Thats only possible if your looking right up to somthing small. But great modeling job!

Matchbox® Troopers :wink: Nice model etc. :slight_smile:

i d not dislike the dof in the forground, that adds a nice drama to the rendering but i would blur less of the background.

the rest looks great, colors, mood, textures, maybe the grain of the stones need to be a bit smaller to increase the size of the transporter.

what is this from? Matchbox® Troopers only gave me some asian robots :wink:


I realy like the DOF even if it’s not photoreal and yes, the texture is a bit bad on the rocks. I didn’t see that when I reandered it, but now I do.

Thank you everybody for your comments, Much comment get me in the mood for more modelling.

cekuhnen The Modell is stright from my head, no references used.

i would not say that the texture is bad, i think only the scale could be used a bit more for your advantage.


It doesn’t seem at all awkward to you?

At least use a little feather when you blur the foreground, on the right jutting edge (where it overlaps the further back, unblurred portion) it’s pretty obvious you cut it out in a photo-editing program and blurred it.

Just thought of something else… from that little bit of orange on the very right, it looks like the sun is rising behind them.