The new version of my Vtuber model

I’ve made the first version of my Vtuber model when I was 6 months into modeling, now it’s been 1 year, and it’s my third attempt to make a model from scratch, each time I try to optimize it as much as possible with the knowledge that I already have and learn some new things on this way.

Unlike Blender, Unity drives me crazy, the braid part hardly goes through tests so I believe the configuration and re-weight paint will take a least few more days before I can start streaming again, but OH BOI, I like the current version so much more compared to the previous one.

I added a bit of slav vibes and made it to look more like the owner.

Can’t wait to start using it.


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there’s some really good texturing here :slight_smile: the horns and the hair especially look very nice. personally the proportions seem kinda weird but I don’t know much about the vtuber world, disproportionate breasts and hips are probably the thing there, and that’s cool :slight_smile: Good work overall!

People mostly prefer loli type, I just really like curves
Thank you!