The new Windows menu

Hi there!

I have prepared this recently and I call it “The new Windows menu”. I imagine, this is offered in our company’s canteen:

C & C welcome! :eek:


Hmmmm…interesting concept.

What could be better:

The cake. It looks to fake for a semi realistic scene like this.
Is the transparent platter floating? If it’s not, then lose the shadow to trash that illusion.

What I really like:

The transparent platter. Great material work :smiley:
Good textures.

Seeing that cake is a small aspect of the composition, I’d say 3-4 stars.

No, plate isnt floating… it lies on the shelf :wink: In fact, I needed to move it upwards just 0.001 units due to the transparent material. The same appies for the left lid too - it does not really touch the plate (as it should) but it is at a distance of 0.001 from it. Otherwise, a contanct spot iis formed during the rendering and it looks like both parts are clued or there is a wet area just between them. The right lid is also about to touch the shelf… but I rotated it carefully exactly at its hinges. :wink:


nice …but the plate is waay too transparent and the textures could be better …try CG textures

@GE-FORCE: I think it’s supposed to be that transparent–a reference to Win7, right?

you do know the cake is a lie right?

What is the light brown liquid under the cake?