The new XBOX is a PC?

It looks like Microsoft surprised us here, it seems like they are going to play their “trump card” and slap Windows 10 to the console, thus making it a multi paradigm and multipurpose console, not just a gaming machine but something more usable for other occasions.

Sony simply is in tight corner here, they would go perhaps and close some 5-10 good deals on exclusive titles but who knows if is going to give them boost over the entire ecosystem. They will have to come up with something here otherwise they will be left behind in full specs.

Also another thing to note is that unless someone is a benchmarker -or- a modder might see no actual reason to go for PC gaming. Actually the case is that console versions might run more smooth and have better feel (if not the top notch features) for the next 5 years or so. While someone who bought the Titan 1060 the previous year, now will go and buy the RTX (which is double the money spent).

The “bread-and-butter” of game development is “optimization” and not raw speed. Is about testing the game and make it fast with monkey patching. This is easy in consoles because there is only one hardware that runs the same game in the same way in hundreds of thousands of devices. However in PC gaming there is an infinite amount of combinations in hardware and software and driver versions, so the exact setup is never the same. There is no way a developer to know where the game lags and when, not having any idea or measured data about what to optimize and how. The solution is to expect that gamers will purchase every year new hardware rather than optimizing their code. Which means other users who like to upgrade all the time will do so, however others might find it ridiculous.

So we will have to wait a few months and see what is really going to happen.
Most importantly “Will It Blend?”

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what’s your point with this?
-EVERY- xbox is/was basically modded PC hardware with a custom version of Windows on it.
The Playstation started later when they added AMD CPU’s to the mix.

Don’t understand what you’re trying to say here…


What Rob said. The other thing is, I don’t want to have to pay for internet service AND Xbox network on top of that in order to play games. I’m very happy with my PC gaming setup and I don’t experience problems with hardware compatibility. If it gets to a point where games need better hardware, I can upgrade instead of buying a new console every few years.

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The point is that everybody thinks that there is one PC gaming platform, while in reality there are two categories, the high-end and budget-based.

My point basically is to consider that cost-wise, an XBOX will threaten PC gaming up to a certain degree, both in terms of performance/optimization. Also it will threaten PC market, who just want a simple computer for Facebook and Youtube.

Is no joke that those who are fed-up with continuous upgrades will seek more stability into a single piece of computing system (eliminate the moving parts of the equation - get a top performing machine for is designated timespan) and those that just want to have some type of computer without knowing how much watt the PSU is or how much consumption the GPU has.

From any way you look at it things are in their favor of these users.

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The OP probably wasn’t versed in the going-ons with Microsoft / XBOX and Windows OS / hardware.


I remember when playing a console game was just plug’n’play. The instructions were simple.

  1. Pop in cartridge/CD
  2. Turn on console

Now for many of today’s console games, you need to do this…

  1. Turn on console
  2. Set up console settings
  3. Make an account
  4. Set up internet connection
  5. Download gigabytes of data and install game
  6. Make another account for some launcher
  7. Download massive patch and install it
  8. Configure game
  9. Now you can play

My guess is that one reason the Switch is doing so well is because it is the only thing out there that is an actual ‘console’ in the traditional sense, almost. You can skip a couple of the steps listed above if you already have everything set up, but there’s so much more between you and the game now.

As for the new Xbox itself, considering how bulky it looks (as opposed to the traditional form factor breaking everyone’s entertainment setup) and the poorly thought-out name, it seems like Microsoft will be gunning for third place for the third generation in a row (because Xbox One is about to be overtaken by the Switch).

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So, nothing new?

Smartphones and tablets filled that gap long time ago.

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The end of PC gaming is like a WoW killer; people keep bringing it up but it never happens.

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2nd time. The 360 was the BMOC of its generation.

…actually, it might be the first time, since I think the original Xbox outsold the Gamecube.

I think I read somewhere that the 360 fell to third place late in that console cycle. It surely didn’t help that the idea of your body becoming the controller (by way of the Kinect) failed to really take off.

Also, this will be the 4th gen Xbox.

with PCIe 4.0 and 5.0 I think it is going to question everything, not only between Consoles and Computers in general …
The next wars will be at the level of Operating Systems, new sets of API calls and instructions, which harness all the new emerging techniques in a single environment that will contain CPU, GPU, AI, Machine Learning, FPGA, Robotics and Automation and much more … .
There will be a battle between all the manufacturing houses: ARM, AMD, INTEL, NVIDIA, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, APPLE, and more …
in 2-3 years everything will have changed.

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It may have ended up taking 2nd, because the Wii did ridiculously well. but I’m almost definite it sold better than the PS3 throughout that generation. The Kinect wouldn’t have put too much of a dent into its sales, since it came out 4-5 years after the 360’s initial release. It was more like a late bonus than anything.

I think it’s kind of a shame the Kinect ended up failing. You could probably blame some of that on MS. They have this tendency to let things languish and quietly die off if it’s not an immediate superseller.

A console is a shrinked PC made for consumers that buy, play, and throw away things.

and finally throw the console.

take an intel 386sx25… hey you remember this ? needing 2 days for rendering a pic with POVRAY ^^
in 320x200 :rofl:
run win XP on it and you can farm bitcoins !

who can do this with an XBOX of 2001 ?

imho the PC ( and extensevely the win, lin ones ) are non limitative.
You can develop on them.
With consoles, you can only consume what you’re offered…

yes… my latest console was an HANIMEX with cardridge and i quickly jumped to an AMSTRAD CPC464…
far more funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy blending !

Note that though consoles are CPU-GPU-MEM monsters !!!
When you buy one ( say xbox ) µ$oft earns no money.
you only pay for the chinese manufacturing, for the patents, and for the transport.

But now you’re screwed ! forced to buy software in wich 30% of the price funds the dev, 0.1% the media and the transport. The rest is for the company.
How can you imagine Mr Gates got this rich ?
Not with its windows OSes :joy:

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Also consider what happened historically. At some point PS2 was launched with an OS because it was a legal workaround to bypass certain EU regulations. So the console was launched as a “PC” that way.

Though technically it would open up some new possibilities for the console and the paradigm, however it might look like Sony did not want to promote the paradigm extensively. Opening up the possibilities in terms of software and homebrew development would threaten their status quo. Not mistakenly PS2 became the best selling console as a console.

However this time circumstances are different, consoles are declining and are not relevant, in comparison with the multipurpose nature of PCs and Android devices.

That’s why it looks here that Microsoft is playing their trump card and take the battle towards OS wars. Well put @amon_paike.

sorry @const. i was just wondering what you were speakin of ^^

You seem to say PS2 for —> PlayStation2 :wink:

am old enough for having known the PS2…

wich is kinda… errrr… older/different/out-of-topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahahah i love the ‘trump card’ ! may i get it and play the game ? :wink:

happy blending !

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I’d argue that MS is drifting more towards services than hardening their OS stance. Everything they’ve been doing recently shows they’re starting to treat the Xbox name more as an overarching gaming brand as well as a console. Both the One and Win10 have Xbox Games Pass, which gives you access to so many games a month, and I believe it allows you to play some games bought on their storefront on both platforms.

Given recent moves elsewhere in the company, it seems that MS is more interested in providing software to whoever wants it, regardless of platform. They still put a strong emphasis on Windows, but they’re not nearly as do or die about it as they used to be.


I would like to know after all these years of computer technologies how many patents have expired. :wink:

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The hardware specs. for the next generation consoles are starting to be revealed and looks like Microsoft will at least be able to claim the title as having the box with the most raw power.

However, statistics show that software and what can be done with the controllers are a much greater factor in how well a console does. MS so far has done an awful job with grabbing exclusive titles (with the big one promised for Xbox One being canceled even). They promise to do better, but they are getting a reputation of being pretty hit and miss with anything outside of Windows and MS Office.

I stand corrected.