The next Blender open movie project.

Hi All.

I’m an ammature film maker and have wanted to make something with good SFX for a long time.
Then I stumbled across Project London. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a group of people with over 250 blender artists creating a feature film!

This is exactly what I’ve wanted to do for years!

I’ve got everything I need regarding a film crew. But I have no animators, designers, or anything to do with SFX.
I’d really like to get a community going with this and have fun.

To start with, I’ve got some clips of professional sword fighters doing clips we’re going to turn into a star wars saber duel. This is just for screen tests.

Give me idea’s of what you’d want to see in the screen test and I’ll have it filmed that way. Then we can start having fun with animating extra’s into it!

As for the actual project. I’m currently auditioning actors for a summer project that will be split into sections and released for free online. This will be a somewhat original story, with people helping in all fields of film making.

Although this is originally my idea, everyone in every field is helping and putting their input.

Please get in touch with idea’s through this thread. You don’t have to ask to join, just get involved!

You should research Project Gooseberry.

The next Blender open movie will be live action with Blender SFX, produced by artists from all over the known world.

Sorry about that, I didn’t mean Project Mango.

I was refurring in general to another open movie project using GOOD actors, a crew that know their way through production, and a great team from the blender community.

I thought this would be a great way beginners and advanced artists, texturers, animators alike could get involved.
I hear so many good things about the blender community, I thought I’d get some interest.

Sounds cool!! :slight_smile:

That’s cool but I want to do something on a none professional scale. Get people involved from all over the world, but let’s just do it for ourselves.
We don’t need to be the best in the world. Let’s all have a go together and see what we come up with.

If there’s any interest? I thought there would be…

I wouldn’t mind but I’d be apart of the music department…:o

Then I feel you are really missing the point. The post you say you read states why it is important to have a post count and forum credibility, and why you should understand what it is you are asking people to commit to - for no reward - and why you should explain as fully as possible what you have already done to realise the project.

I’m not saying its a stupid idea and shouldn’t be considered, though I am saying you need to take some time to develop things more and come back with a properly worked out script and some other resources in place.

I’m sure you can understand why I would not commit to work for free for some guy who just turns up at my door with what they claim is a great idea. I want some evidence he even has an idea just for starters.

That post is there as a sticky because posts like your first one turn up here with depressing regularity from people who profess incredulity that folks don’t want to just jump on every random bandwagon that happens along. Read it again and believe you need that stuff, then try again.

I applaud your enthusiasm and self belief, but people here have reason to be sceptical, as this forum is littered with dead projects just like yours that people here have spent their hard earned time and work on. It is up to you to convince them your project is worthwhile and viable and, unfortunately, right now you don’t have a great deal of credibility.