The next step in 3d modeling

Howdy Guys & Gals,

I am a newbie here, My Name is Greg, My user name is GEEDUBBYA (thats “GW”). I am an avid “Cardmodeler”, meaning I take 3d models and unfold them so they can be printed out on paper, cut out, and then assembled into a tangible 3D model.
Now I am not talking about origami, or the type models you find on the backs of cereal boxes, These models can look as real as a plastic model kit and a photo of some of these models can look as real as the real thing. AQn example being a cardmodel airplane looking like a real airplane.
Anyway, on to the point of my first posting here. Have any of you ever considered or had the desire to make your 3d models into something that could actually be held in your hand or displayed on a shelf? Well, thats what a cardmodeler does.
I think that the two hobbys of 3d modelling and cardmodeling are a natural progression in modelling, so I invite any of you who would like to learn more or just see some nice examples of card modelling from 3d models to come visit some of my other friends over at .
To see some examples of card models (all were at one time 3d models) you can visit some of these links. some freebies < free space related models < tons of free models < very nice models here.

Now I am not affiliated with any of the above links and I am not here to sell anything. I had seen another members of this forums “Convertiplane” Bell XV 1 and found this site. There are cardmodellers who would love to make the XV 1 a card model I am sure.
Anyway I have rambled on enough, I am happy to have found this site and will be posting some of my 3d work sometime in the near future.

Have a good day,

Greg aka GW

Howdy Guys,

Its me again, the cardmodels site has recently put up a new "photo of the week so I thought I would share it with ya’ll.
This was a 3d model and was "unfolded using “Pepakura unfolder” program. It is then printed out on your home computer, cut out and assembled.

Anyway, this is “the next step” in 3d modelling.

Have a good day,

Greg aka GW

Paper is the devil. That’s why we have computers, to leave “files” in a perpetually editable state and stop wasting paper and running the risk of paper cuts. Have fun with your paper airplanes (seriously).

Howdy Vesquex,

LOL… thats funny, its the same thing the secretaries at work say when our computers go down hahahaha.

have a good day,

Greg aka GW :slight_smile:

Personally, I think this is very cool. It would really be something to see a model I created in virtual 3d space come alive as a tangible object that I could display on my desk or on a shelf.

Howdy Lakcaj,

Well, I am glad you think its neat, I thought they were awesome when I first saw them and then I thought they were even more awesome when I found out that the ones I was looking at WEREN’T made out of plastic, but made of 100% paper.
Then I found out they all started out as 3D computer models, and that really blew my mind.
If you would like to try your hand at unfolding some of your “low poly cnt.” models, you might want to look at downloading the "unfolding program I spoke of earlier in the thread. The name of the program is “Pepakura” and can be found here: Just click the word “download” in the lower left corner for the “unfolding program”. The viewer is a different type program (Found in center of page), but is also nice to have. That site also has its own “gallery” of ppls models which all started as 3d models. Some of the subjects are Flintstones models, space craft, robots, cars, you name it, if you can design a 3d model of it, then you can unfold it (some take abit more work to unfold than others).
Anyway, Again, I am glad you like them, I cant stay on here much longer, I have 3 messed up disk in my neck and and off work due to them and sitting at the computer is sposed to be off limits to me for now. ( I cheat sometimes).

Have a good evening,

Greg aka GW

nice program - this thread should be in the other software area . The only problem is…Its not FREE!!!

Because u cant save anything, Im hardly likely to test it on complicated models and therefore cant decide wether it can handle them… so I dont think I’ll bother.

Howdy Denshidan,

Yes this should probably be in the software “area” of the forum, but I wouldnt know how to go about moving it lol.
Anyway, no, the “FULL” program is not free, however, there are ways of getting around things in every program including this one.
In the “trial version” of pepakura, you CAN save things thru the use of a “screen shot”. For those of you not familiar with that term, a screen shot is made by holding down alt and hitting “prnt scrn” up by the F12 key on your keyboard, then you open a program such as "paint, or word, or wordpad and then hold down the ctrl button and hitting the letter “V”. This will paste whatever you are trying to save into the other program. Then you can save it.
Now usually the only thing you would save from the pepakura program would be the “break down” of the parts of the model or section of model you are working on.
When building models this “extra step” is just one of the “evils” you have to do if you dont have the full version of the pepakura program.
Even if you dont use it often, its a great program to play with and a handy addition to ppl who enjoy making novelty items like spheres with photos of people printed on them (broken down in the pep program and printed out and cut out and assembled as a ball with a persons face on it.
So, atleast try out the free version, if you have trouble, feel free to email me. Or vist the website and speak to some of the guys in that forum.

Have a good day,

Greg aka GW

ps, gimme a little bit and I will try to give some screen shots for examples of how the program works.