The Next Yafray Release is Almost Ready

Check it out here folks!!

So where does it say its about to be released. The news has been there for a while and last I heard there was no set date yet on when it would be out. Seems like there are alot of things still being worked on.

I’m not a part of the the Yafray development team so I can’t say for certain when the next version of Yafray will arrive. But it looks like we will be seeing something after such a long wait for any news on the next version of Yafray.

For exact details on an exact date timeframe for the next release or to keep an eye on any cvs release activity you will have to ask in the forums over at

From some of the comments over there it seems that the next release will have some render speed ups which is great news.

Hey some folks don’t know this so I posted.

Blend on!

OK I was just wondering if I missed something new. I’ve been keeping tabs and didn’t think it was quite ready but I know they are working hard on it. I didn’t mean to come off like I was attacking you, that wasn’t my intention. Too much of that going on around here lately without me jumping on the band wagon.

No sweat. I just ran some more test with the new Yafray cvs rendeing out a .blend with a 137 objects. With the older stable Yafray build the file would crash while loading the objects. This new cvs build loads all of the objects and renders it in about 35 min or more depending on the options enabled. I will stick to the internal Blender for rendering big .blend files. But for lite scenes with lower polygons this cvs seems to render a bit faster. I was not getting any preview render window without crashing, I had to enable the xml output.

I can see that some of the issues that I had rendering large Blends have been handled better with the new cvs.

I hope that the next release of Yafray handles large polygon count renders with at least as much speed as Blender while managing ram uasge better.

Blend on!