The Night Before Christmas

Wanted to capture the feeling when you’re lying in your bed knowing that when you wake up, it’s going to be christmas.

thank you for watching.

/ Dan

Wow! Nice lighting:D
Very good modelling, especially the hair - I’m assuming it’s particles?
Only problem is the santa hat appears to glow a bit too much.
Other than that, I think you’ve captured the feeling pretty well:)

The fur on the hat seems to have emit on- I’m guessing it’s on to make it more visible. Don’t turn it off, just turn it down. And, is it just me, or is the kid’s head out of proportion from the rest of his body?

Cute :slight_smile: but I think that the cap is 2 flat
anyway good work

Wow! Awesome modelling and lighting!

Love the render, but the white bits of the hat are too bright in comparison to the rest of the scene.


awww, cute! Fur has got to be altered, and may I suggest a skin shader? It would really make it pop.