The night I saw her

This was just a quick work of about 3 hours. The idea came suddenly to my mind and out of boredom I gave it a try. The aim was to create quite a romantic mood, but I don’t know how much this worked out.
The head was created out of 3552 vertices, that were each single-placed with the mouse and the hair was quite annoying to do!

But still I found this to be an interesting test and I like the outcome of it for the little time it consumed.

The Trees in the front are just plain shadow maps and were rendered on an extra-layer to add DoF to them.

The background image was taken from

Rendered in Blender internal 2.42a

this is so pretty. I really like it. Good job. :slight_smile:

The concept is nice, but the sun/galaxy thing draws the attention to it…
You’ve done a good job with the head, i can see you’ve put a lot of effort to it.
I would have put only the head on the sky, positioned in a way that more of her face is visible…
But this is your idea and your project so nevermind me, it’s very nice.