The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Hey, I’ve always liked Jack from Tim Burton’s movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas…so I decided to turn him into a blend! nothing recognizable yet but heres the first pic…

Jack the Pumpkin King!
i love that movie. i think the hands are aleady recognizable

can’t wait to see the final.

I almost purchased a pumpkin King doll today at a local music store!! This was a fantastic creation by Tim Burton. I love all of his work and I appreciate your efforts to reproduce them in Blender :slight_smile: You’re off to a great start! Are you planning an entire scene or just the character at the moment?

Wow, that is good, especially the hands. Hope you add more soon, I can’t wait to see it.

Cool, you’ve already got the stretchy, bony feel to it. Great start! Maybe you can make the same “puppetlike” animation like in the movie later on. That would be great.

That movie rocks. It’s the only thing that’ll make my 18-month-old sit still for 80 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great model so far. Keep at it.


disturbed child?


You do realize, of course, that by making that one character you will have to make every other character and recreate the entire movie, right? :wink:

I love it! You’ve already captured the proper appearance. I hope you finish it!

Ya know… that’s freaky timing, I just watched that movie for the first time ever 20 minutes ago :stuck_out_tongue:
Great start :smiley:

I agree with DVirus101… What a perfect excuse to whip out the DVD and start - borrowing - ideas! I’ve been looking for a project to do which I could start knowing where it might end up… Shame this weekend’s out, as ‘real’ work needs to be done. (‘real’ as in ‘paying’)

Thanks for the idea


Hey thanks a lot for the encouragement! unfortunately, (I hate to say this) but I’m about to move, actually, today…I won’t have internet for a while so I won’t be able to update for you guys. I will definitely keep it on my hd so that when I get internet again I can show you guys how it turned out…

4Daniel: I was thinking about the animation part of it… I think if I change the fps to maybe 20 or 22 fps, then it’ll make it look like the movie did.

Desoto: I’m just going to do jack and his little ghost dog for now. (you gotta love that little guy, jack isn’t complete without him). I might make the scene where jack is walking down the “curly” hill and the hill unrolls for him. I always loved that scene.

thanks :slight_smile: