The Nightmare that Never Happened

Here is my best render yet. Enjoy!


Some feedback would be great. :slight_smile:

looks great but the background images seem to collide at the left, otherwise, Great Job! :smiley:

Model looks good, but the environment could use some work. The first thing I would change would be the lighting, make it more dramatic, with shadows, and take into account the lightning in the back. Next would be the water, map a reflection texture, or turn on the mirror settings. Its still a nice image, but it hasn’t reached its full potential.

Keep it up

Is this better guys?:smiley:


i love it mostly//
can you make the teeth a different mat than the spine spikes? if it were mine id make the tooth mat different and keep the spines the way they are :slight_smile:
also Mr. Dinosaur blends into his environment a little too well maybe alter a sky color a touch to create a bit of contrast between dino and world.
overall impression is that you did a pretty kick ass job.
whats the red bolting thing? lightning? lightning is kinda blue most of the time, i know i know, artistic license, i just feel there is a lack of contrast between world and model.


The second render is a lot better. The part that catches me though is the particles on the rock, i think it might look better without it, or more of a grey smoky texture, but that’s my opinion.

Well I wanted to create almost like the dinosaur from hell thing. Do you think this could make it into the gallery?

Good start. Needs work.
The lighting especially is letting you down. Take advantage og the lightning in the background to give you some goos highlights on your model, some nice rim lighting, and have a softer fill to accentuate contrast.
The red fog isn’t quite working for me either. Have you tried other colours?
Also the background looks like a low quality jpeg image. You might want to rethink that. Find another, better quality one, or paint your own.

To get to the gallery takes time and practice.