I originally had this as a comicbook;

then realised I had blender… while using blender… and for 4 days, I worked on all the models and shots. Hope someone likes my newbee results.
-I just learned RVK, so you might get to hear my friends voice act on part 2.

 BTW; This forum has been really helpful (I haven't posted much though).

Dwee? I have to give you thumbs ups for effort…I have yet do do an animation…Keep practicing, you’ve got potential! and if you’re serious about animation find a boock on that or cinematography(maybe at you library)…

Cativo!!? :o (what are the odds… lol)
With your tanks, you could make a killer movie^^.

I’ll look up a book on cinematography tomorrow (it’s 9:00pm now).
I’m also working on another movie right now (1 shot at a time).

-The only things close to cinematography that I’ve exposed myself to are animation books by Christopher Hart; so I’ll take your advice seriously. (and also make movies on the side)

You made this in 4 days? That’s some fast working ^^! As for the constructive criticism (which will mostly focus on the animation part):

Many of the animations are rather stiff (especially the walking animations), but I know how hard it is to make a decent looking walk-cycle. Practice makes perfect, they say :P. Your use of camera angles is very good, though. I don’t know if it’s the website or the file itself that makes some parts of the movie very choppy, but I’m sure it’s not supposed to be that way. The models are simple, but they don’t really need to be any fancier than that, except for better textures. As for the textures, it looks like you made them in paint, and it is especially noticable on the ground and the car outside.
(Btw, I consider myself a perfectionist newbie, so feel free to disregard whatever you think sounds silly ;))

All in all, this can become very good if you polish up the animations and textures. Keep going!

destuctor verry nice movement i like the way the animation flows good work here. i also like the way your sound is folowing your action, hopefully we can get you to add some more detail to the models :slight_smile: .

The sound one isn’t mine; (that’s someone else’s)
(my only movie so far is in my sig)
I’m currently working on my second movie which should be done in a few days. Here’s a thread where I am hosting a contest, and asking for help when I run into trouble.


lol i know you posted in another topic and i viewd your animatio but when i wnt back to cooment on his i put it in this thred on accident sorry man

No problem; I just didn’t want to plaigerise (can’t even spell that…)

lol no worrys man i cant spell it eather or much of anything to tell you the truth.

Post a puc please gotta go post proper tommorow