The "no. of messages you have" no. on the top right logo when I log in

If I have 3 messages and I click the logo, the “no. tootltip” goes away! Even though I haven’t actually READ those messages yet! Surely the no. should show until I actually CLICK on those messages - if I see one, then the no. should now show “2”…?

HIGHLY annoying! Could you fix it please?

The blue counter disappears when you click it, but the unread messages will remain highighted in the notifications menu until you’ve read it. The notification bubble works as intended.

It displays how many “new” messages/notifications you have. Once you click on your profile icon, you’ll see how many notifications you have, so surely its not necessary to keep pestering the user to check notifications they already know they have.

This is actually fairly common, take Facebook for instance. Once you click the Bell icon, the notification number will go away, regardless if you’ve checked all the notifications or not.

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Er - no! I prefer that the NUMERICAL notification -stays-…

Aight, we’ll take that into consideration.

Have an otherwise nice day!

'kay! :slight_smile:

also please remove this RIDCULOUS minimum 10 chars bullshit AAARGH!!

That limit is there for a reason: encouraging civilized and constructive conversation. If all you have say is :+1:, ‘cool’, or ‘ok’, just leave a like.

Now, please, we’ve been in operation for two years and everyone is fine with all the things you’re listing. Don’t make such a drama and suggest we NEED to fix some gripes that only you have. Enough.

To not give false expectations: the current behavior is core Discourse functionality. It works fine for everyone else except you, and will not be changed.

If all these things bother you so much, I suggest you no longer use this website.