The normal map rendered out has loss of detail . the colours seems low contrast

I have attached the image to show the following. The normal map rendered out has loss of detail . the colours seems low contrast. I have attached the image which sow the follwoing .


tutorial i am following is located below- i think myprobem. I with the resolution. I realy dont know. There be some one who be able to see my mistake on the render
thank you

The tutorial final render has morebumpson the normal map. The image i have attachedis the tutorial


The method to create animated normal map. A plane created with a displacement modifier added. My final render was wrong. issue with my final render as beginner with creating normal maps in blender.

Ive imported a png file into Photoshop and created a normal map. By using the grey scale image. I have created a normal map with Ndo2. My sloution i may be to export a sequence of png images of the animted displacement map then convert them to normal maps in Ndo2. By uploading a PNG image and converting them in a chronological order. This may take longer than the tutorial however i am unable to complete this section by the tutorial method. Im not sure why the normal map rendered is not high in resolution -(lights and darks)

yo frankie tuts(tutorial i am following)


If anyone knows a faster method please post. As my ndo2 method will be time consuming .It may not work