The Northern Incident

Hello guys,

Here is a video that wasnt made by me, but deserves some exposer over the internet.
It is called “The northen incident” made by “Max Gilardi”

Here are some links:

Here are some screen shots:

Here is the video:

That was interesting! (I’m never gonna go up north, ever…) One thing I like about this is the non-rushed timing. So many animations, stories are rushed - you see just enough of each scene to get the logic of the story, but here, lingering long enough on the blizzard scene that faded to white, for example, I start to feel a sense of time going by while stuck in a blizzard. Fresh style, artistically.

right, it was good except i didn’t like the end…
anyways, let’s keep the traditional forum for your own works from now on, ok?
otherwise we start getting “inspirational stuff” threads that easily overrun everything.


Cool animation!

what’s it made in?