(The not quite) Fishy Alien

This is just a simple warm-up creature I’m working on to get me ready to remodel the main caracter of Lucian Chronicles.

It took me only an hour and a half to get to this point. I used the point-edit technique.


After two hours… (eyes were taken from an earlier project of mine, the skin as well, but I altered it)
click here to see the earlier project: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v186/Howitzer/Tristelrender800.jpg

C&C are welcome.

Really nice. I dont really see the fish in him though. Maybe bigger spines and a more scally texture would bring out the fish in him.
Please continue.

He looks a little fish-like to me, though it’s not done.

I think it’s the ears that killed his fishyness. That’s why I called him a fishy alien and not a fish-man. I will add some scales though…

Well, here are the scales. I also gave the eyes a tracking object to point toward- giving the effect that he is looking at the camera.


Um. He is looking into his nose. That needs some work. Re-align the eyes a bit. Nice start, though. The scales also look odd. Perhaps you should modify the voronoi texture a bit.

Na. I don’t really like the scales so I have removed them.
Presenting the newwest wip…


And another one…

This is looking less like a fish the more you progress.

I was going to say that you had the wrong shaped scales before, but then I saw that your so called “fish” has claws, ears, a nose and is really fat.

So my crit is that you probably shouldn’t associate the word “fish” with this creature anymore.

Otherwise, your model looks nice and appears to have a good dose of character.

I agree. I’ll just call him an alien-monster thing. Whatever.

This is what happens when you rush…

I’m gonna give him an armature and a small scene before I post him in the Finished Works section.

I like the head and the upper body and the loin cloth.
However, the feet don’t really work for me.

Are these just placeholder for the feet you’re going to model or are these the final ones?

They look like these long flat things that you’ve bent in the middle and stuck toes on. They lack form and detail I guess.

It seems strange because the rest of the creature is relatively well shaped which is what leads me to the possible conclusion that these are temporary feet and the final feet are still on their way.


I had to get rid of the loin cloth… But I’ll create some new clothes for him soon. As for the feet, I work on that.



animate animate!!! it looks really good, i been looking at this since the start (not long lol i no) and its really good.

Animating him will be hard. I will have to practice to to that.
But here is another picture…
I plan to rebuild the armature for him- there are a lot of problems with it (especially in the head area)

Looks like a frog huh?

wow he reminds me of the zoro’s from zelda and ocarina of time