The Not so Swift Boat Veterans?

OK, I get to put in. I am a Vietnam Vet (66-67) with the Vietnam Service Medal and the Vietnam Campaign Medal. I saw action almost every day for a year and was not permitted a combat medal because I was a peon and not infantry but direct support. (ah, the smell of flares and napalm in the morning!)
You guys keep talking about the horrible thought of putting soldiers in harms way and how horrible war is etc. The fact is that many who serve in the military are warriors. They want war and some even thrive on war. Get a clue. The human race is full of warriors and will continue to be. Many people have become warriors for various reasons. Some noble, some not. Many who have been in war have been courageous and some have not. Some war is justified and some isn’t. Nations have gone to war simply to conquer or for even much less since warriors have existed. I’m not for war anymore but it really sounds like many of those who are against war are really a bunch of sniveling whiners who do not undestand the warrior class. On the other hand some who take a militant tact against US war interests are warriors themselves, just for another cause.
Fact is that Kerry is seeking to portray himself as a courageous war hero to cater to the right and he is seeking too, at the same time, reap the benefits of his anti-war record after he served. I think if there is any credibility gap it should be exposed for obvious reasons no matter who backs it. The guy was a medal freak while he was there. To be honest with you, there wasn’t a single soldier in my outfit or that I was acquainted with over there, especially my close friend who handled the body bags, who ever even mentioned or thought about medals. Kerry had an ego agenda from way back and wanted to use it for his political ends. Fine. But at least be genuine. He is willing to falsify the records for mere medals, what would he do with the chance for real power? Spooky to me. How’d a guy like that make so deep into the political arena. Very spooky to me.
For the record, I am not a republican and I am completely disenfranchised with the system - just a humble law abiding peasant.

*the ox quickly stampedes to the stall and hides his horns under a bale of hay.

he may have been a medal grubber,…truth is i don’t care for the guy a whole lot, here are his naval records, btw,…the evil limbaugh fooled everyone into thinking they were unavailable
but anyway, Bush scares me alot more than kerry. It’s just one of those years where the decision comes down to the lesser of two evils.

Talk about medal grubbing, you’re not going to beleive this. After 37 years the United States Government sent me my Vietnam service medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal and other assorted stuff in the mail. No kidding, I just got them in the mail about 2 hours ago :o Is this the twilight zone or what? hmmmm It’s a sign - maybe I should run for President?

Speaking of Vietnam, I really loved that country and the people there. It would be a great place to live apart from politics. I hope there are some blenderheads there these days.

Congrats? :wink:

I find strange that Kerry has three purple hearts while my uncle (who became paralyzed after falling off of a roof somehow) had one. Hearing your story kind of puts that in perspective.

I wonder how and why they tracked you down after so long? Are these medals a new thing, since they never really called it a war back then, but a “police action?”

oxman that would be your tax dollars at work, see echelon isn’t all bad :slight_smile:

Kerry Beer, more refined and easy on the pellet, takes a bit longer but eventually has the same result… bush-lite, another neocon product.

they’re all dodgy.

ha! what taxes? I’m so far below the poverty level in these back woods that I’m sure some where along the line they probably owe me :wink: :o %| hehe this is more like your tax dollars (:expressionless: sorry)
The pretty little things are made of bronze. ha! I pinned them on and started singing an old Polish vodka drinking salute my grandfather used to sing. My wife was rolling her eyes in her head and uncontrollably laughing. Maybe today I’ll scan them and post a pic :wink: :expressionless:

Any military action has a medal attached to it, I think. I just recently ordered a copy of my military discharge papers for my wifes records since my record is stained by old age and rain. All the medal info is on them. I probably should have just kept a low profile. Now they’ll come and make me run for president.

not my dollar either :slight_smile: I"m a naughty foreigner, spectating, my main concern is that who ever gets elected doesn’t create a world crisis, I need 4 more years to purchase my own bit of dirt and do something very similar to what you have achieved, I had the right land and some money but the wrong woman, now I got the right woman the wrong land and no money :slight_smile:

Something that worries me is:I believe most world governments have sold out and given away soverign power to the corportations, the backroom boys playing the same old power-games, power being the ability to influence others, (if you can’t physically touch something you don’t control it, you exert influence over the people that do, a land baron doesn’t control crop production his tenant farmer does, the baron controls the tenant farmer)

The thing is you can only control a market when you have control of the means of production, if peak oil is true, and it is being hidden or ignored there will be a major crisis, maybe die-off
weither it is as extreme as I think or not the bottom line is it will effect rural land prices as more people will seek better lifestyles, this is happening now in NZ with rich americans buying up farmland in the south island, I have no ill feelings towards them, I’d do the same it’s the practicality of the situation, I must work harder longer to compete, such is life… 4yrs and I build another windmill, global crisis and my dreams remain only dreams.

oxman, lol. that is pretty funny about your medals just now arriving in the mail,…and you were probably beginning to think the beuracracy was not efficient. :stuck_out_tongue:

No doubt my DD214 is accurate, even after all these years of not caring, my little corner of the bureaucracy is still in tact. Amazing really when you think of it. See all the good things these computers do %|

I have seen that so many times it isn’t funny! But just a side note, when we headed for the hills in the '70’s guess the first place I wanted to go? NZ [!] I mean I had maps and the whole shmenoli. At that time if you wanted to immigrate to NZ you had to have money, a skill that was in demand or a lot of both. I had none of the above and it really was a let down. I have since made personal friends with some NZ’s that migrate back and forth according to the seasons. He’s from there. She’s from here and they are into GARDEN big time.

I posted this before on a similar topic but it is worth repeating. Check out :

It is a nonpartisan site that tries to find the facts behind the bull that you see in the political ads. I like to go there once in a while just for a little reality check. When you look at their analysis of the ads for both of these loosers (sorry, my opinion) you can see that most of the facts they cite in the ads are all either totally out of context or out and out lies. Last week I was especially interested in the special report link on the right side of the page that was titled “False Ads: There Oughtta Be A Law! Or – Maybe Not.” here is the first line of the report:

Here’s a fact that may surprise you: candidates have a legal right to lie to voters just about as much as they want.

and halfway down the page:

But there’s no such truth-in-advertising law governing federal candidates. They can legally lie about almost anything they want. In fact, the Federal Comunications Act even requires broadcasters who run candidate ads to show them uncensored, even if the broadcasters believe their content to be offensive or false.

No wonder our politcal system is such a mess - the most sucessfull liar becomes our leader…

Offtopic, but that remided me of a part of the new(ish) Australian GST Tax Code (see

Ministry of Truth anyone?
(for those of you who haven’t read 1984, the Ministry of Truth was the department that falsified (“rectified”) records so that Big Brother was always right, regardless of what had actually happened)

Actually it’s not off topic at all in my view.

Sounds like there grooming polititions :-? Kerry’d fit in for sure, hands down. Can we ship the whole lot over your way:P

That’s really sick!