The nursery of future weaponry

It has to start from somewhere :wink:


The tonemapping and overall rendering quality appears to have improved a bit from your previous images :slight_smile:

I lost it at the bowling pin feet, everything you do is wacky and in a good way.

Hey thanks Ace Dragon :slight_smile: I have been disciplining myself to
spend more time on lighting and the over all look of my renders,
I have to fight laziness there at times.

nice work !!!

Hey thanks alf0 anas :slight_smile:

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Verry cute - I geninly laughed when I saw this…

The only thing is - the pose… it’s very stiff. That may be what you’re going for, but the robomother is holding her baby up by the tip of one wing, and I’m not sure if that would work.

Hey thanks yogyog :slight_smile: About the pose, from what I’ve read about robot mothers
they can be freakishly strong, especially when wearing bowling shoes…hahaha

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