The Object is the Camera?

Ok this has bothered me for the last time - I start a new blend file, occasionally when I goto render the picture or position the camera with ctrl+alt+0 it moves the object, not the camera itself.

can anybody explain why it’s doing this?

It works for me!
Remember that its NumPad 0!

I’m very aware that numpad 0 shows the view of the camera…but when I goto move the camera to a new angle it just positions the object, not the camera. Its like the object has become the camera.

Well, I want to say that Ctrl-Alt-NumPad 0 works for me, it places the camera at the current view position
To make the selected object a “camera” is Ctrl-NumPAd 0.

Ahhh…That solves it. Sorry didn’t quite understand you the first time OTO - I should have looked closer. Thanks a Ton!