the obstacle

this was something i tried to represent in less traditional forms.
i was inspired by the default cube :slight_smile:
the i idea was for the little cubes to be stuck on either side of the big red one.
i rendered for hours but there is still a small bit of noise :stuck_out_tongue:
what do you think?

Nice, I love stylized scene. For the noise, wich render you used?

i used luxrender

Looks good.

Aye, nice concept and render.

If I may offer a little insight to Lux (or most any unbiased renderer); The number to watch isnโ€™t so much the time, but the samples / pixel (smps/pix). For example, if your red cube was diffuse, you could potentially have twice as many sample/pix then the specular version you have in the same number of hours (i.e. the calculations get harder for the raytracer). Further, you output resolution will vastly effect your time. 640x480 will render much faster than 1680x1050 for example, the same amount of time will not yield the same quality. If you want same quality, you need the same samples/pixel.

I was going to get you some numbers for Lux but todayโ€™s latest branches of LuxBlend25 & Blender are not playing together.

I do know in other engines I use 32k to 64k samples / pix for final render, though itโ€™s typically effective at around 6k to 12k / pix. I have also let Lux work up to 80 hours.

Anyways (apologies), I had just wanted to post that it was pretty cool, and good job!

im still relativley new so,
what exactly should i do? :stuck_out_tongue:
glad you like it.

Let it run longer to get your fireflies cleaned up.

ok :slight_smile:

thanks guys
i think ive got rid of all the noise
the image has been updated

Hahah love the comedy behind the image :wink:
Two thumbs up.

Great Scene setup. I picture a stop motion animation, where the little cubes climb over the big ones.

i might just do that, thanks for the idea!