The Ocean in the Bathtub


I made this image in remembrance of playing in the bathtub as a child. Maybe it also reminds you of your childhood-imagination:).

Thanks for taking a look at it,


Really neat idea for an image, it looks good except the hands. They look very plasticky almost like a dolls hands. Other than that this is a pretty solid image, great work!

Out of curiosity, how did you go about doing the bubbles?

Thanks for your compliment :). I agree, the hands look like plastic.

In terms of the bubbles:
There are surely many better ways to do them. I simply took some metaballs for creating the shapes. On this object I added two particel systems, consisting many spheres with different distances to the base-object.

The material for the spheres is just the basic setup for glass, mixed with a transparent-shader (nothing professional).
The material for the base-object of the particel system is basically made up of a bit white diffuse, glossy and transparent.

I like much how you put the fantasy element on this scene and how mixing with the “real” enviroment to show how we normally use the imagination on our childhood

The foam is great, the hands are mentioned before but the duck needs some subsurf.Also the arm could be more rounded.
This scene deserved that finishing touch.