The Ocean is gone


Here’s my latest Work. I worked on this Pic for 3-4 days.
Rendered with the latest Blender built, a bit postpro with Gimp ( color-correction, gloweffect … ) Original Image is 1280x960, if anybody wants to see it, i can upload it, but i think you can see enough on 800x610. Rendertime in Original-Imagesize was about 20 Minutes.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

simply supurb

Nice. Is this Blender or Yafray, cuz It seems the blender internal doesnt produce good shading results for me. Why did it take 20 minutes? Whats the complexity of the scene (lots of maps or vertices)?

Awesome Pix

Great result!

AO with 9 Samples
Sunlight with 12 Samples Rayshadow and Soft 12.0
Everytexture without MipMap etc. It is the Blender-Internal Render.
And i’m not sure if it reallyy took 20 minutes, maybe it just took 5-10 minutes, i read a book while it rendered :smiley: The Szene has about…56.300VE
And my Computer is about 6 years old, its not the fastest one on earth xD
And i dont think 20 Minutes is a long time.

Thanks for all Comments :slight_smile:

5/5 awesome project.

WOAH thats neat 5/5

Very cool :cool:, it’s a nice scene you’ve got there, the only thing that seems off is the scale :confused:.
Great Job.

Beautiful work!
I agree, 20 min isn’t a long time at all. A lot of the renders I do in Blender are quite demanding. And physics calculations…that sort of stuff can take overnight.

Anyway, cool concept, great execution!

very good 5 out 5, I personally love the the shadows

It’s beautiful. The shading is great, although the shadows may be a little bit too dark in some places. Rock textures are good too. And I love the concept!

Keep on!

Respect!!! :cool:
shadows look perfect to me.
… Just one thing, In the lower right side of the image, perhaps it should have some Far Far Away moutains or something similar in the background, for a more realistic look, the way it is looks like a movie set and it kind of ruins the ilusion :frowning:
but is excellent work and I like it very much :wink:

It’s very nice… but it needs just a little tweaking. Something needs to give it life, like a bird sitting, or a tattered old naval caution flag. Just something somewhere. Otherwise it’s superb, and I should shut up. I think tho, a little more work, and uv got gallery quality. (summons BgDM)

Why did I not think of this?:stuck_out_tongue:

Simply awesome. Nice composition and subtle depth of field. The lighting is great as well, and really brings out the textures.

The sky , colour-wise, fits perfectly with the scene, although I would suggest sharpening it up a bit to match the render.

5 stars though.

smething does seem o be right with the DoF effect…the rocks on the right appear to be nearer to camera than the wooden railings, still the railings is defocused but the rock are not. Did u use nodes for DoF or did u add blur in gimp?
good work overall…really good

Good job!!!Just the DoF doesn’t seem to be right…

maybe would like it with a desert behind it, just some huge area showing it’s really gone.

Awesome pic really fascinating mood in there
two questions:
how did you do the sky and what did you do to get it rendered in six to ten minutes?
My pc is just two moths old and you could definetly call it high end and i have to take a 3 hours nap to see some glass cubes rendered

Very nice… Bit miniaturish… but very nice… Only thing that bothers me really is that the title says “The Ocean is gone” … however … i find nothing that relates to the fact that there once was ocean. I dont live by the sea… But… to me it just looks like building on a hill. Maybe add some boat… or anchors… or fishing nets…??