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Theres a zip
house of the rising sun


I almost had a comment about a weird dot in darkmans eye but it happend to be dirt on my monitor :stuck_out_tongue:
I like them both allot. Bird of Pray. For personal preference I would like to see more contrast in the blurry feathers, specificly at the sky/branch. is that on purpose like it kind of fades into the scene ?

Thanx, is or looks weepy, composit as much as possisble internally, for any automated blending of color or light. Then composit exterally rendered extreems to base, to find the parts I need, is intent on peserving the blend, not graphic, if I can. Is lp comp, braking uvs into paintable sections, is not the answer, I’ve seen myself. Is more of a resource question $$$. As much as birds need feather.