The Office

On top of Pierre: Robot Extraordinaire, I’m working on another game. yes, im really that crazy.
its based on the TV show many of you know as…the office! (US version)
i know what youre thinking, “Makin Bacon, how can you make an interesting video game about working at an office at a paper company in scranton, PA (which happens to be very very close to me) ?”
well, if they can make a show about it, i can make a game about it. you play as Jim Halpert, the young, cool, hipster, out to have some fun at work. i guess that constitues as a storyline…

anyways, you walk around and do things like play pranks on dwight, battle darrel in ping pong down in the storage warehouse, try and charm pam, and help other familiar faces from the show out with stuff.

ok, ill shut up, heres some screens, the only thing you really care about:
aaand some characters so far

Nice lighting. You might want to try the texture plugin for texture-based shadows.

these are just renders right now arnet they?

it looks like your OSA is off, or very low…
in anycase, looking good.

It isn’t a render. It’s a baked lightmap on the floor. That’s quite obvious.
How can it be a render when the framerate is being displayed in the upper-left corner.

Yeah those aren’t renders, just some good ol’ baking to textures.

WOW, that is really interesting. XD

I just noticed each computer is running blender.

oui. hehe. also, there are many TPS reports scattered throughout.

this reminds me of a nicly textured and lighted goldeneye for n64 not saying the graphics are as horible or anything just looks like a level that didnt quite make the game for some reason.

lovely made! And the characters are in “the mood”.
Good work!

HAHA, i luv it!!!

Awesome! I love that show. Looks really good so far!