The Official 2012 Olympics Blender Thread

So what did u think of the opening ceremonies?

I thought that Voldemort was cool along with the lcd screens inside the audience chairs

im from the U.S.A. so obviously im voting for phelps

so just post thoughts and whatnot…who you’re voting for or like who won the latest medal and what you thought…:eyebrowlift2::p:RocknRoll:

the Olympic torch was pretty cool

my favorite part!!!

the queen parachuting!

that openting ceremony put alot of Co2 and pollution into the atmosphere,
not every environment friendly, but… if it for entertainment to hell with the planet.

Being British I liked it :wink: its not all English though :l

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yer i thought it was great…im also a brit and thought the genre of the ceremony was very relevant and was executed perfectly. The inclusion of humour was also nicely done and we weren’t portrayed as posh, tea drinking chaps! SUCCESS! lets hope we don’t constantly hear “Oh, say! can you see by the dawn’s early light…” which would be weird because lets face it; America win EVERYTHING! :smiley:

‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Abide with Me’ brings tears to your eyes even if you’ve got a heart of stone.
What got removed because of time constraints unfortunately was a Dr Who montage so we only got to hear the Tardis

yer that was sung sooo well, normally its belted out by some squeeky person but last night it was really haunting

It was great up until Coe’s speech, that was crap; French dudes was spot on though. Nice of him to thank the volunteers.

indeed it was…sebs speach wasnt bad but i think Paul McCartney was supposed to mime Hey Jude as there was a loud overplay of him singing it which was out of sync which suddenly stopped…dunno if anyone else noticed that one :confused:

I did not get to see but my neighbors said it was very very good.

I loved the history theme - well done Brits!

well thats shocking that phelps didnt place last night for the medley. As a competitive swimmer (and actually anyone), i would have thought he was saving his energy for the last 100 hundred but he slipped too far behind for him to catch up. :frowning:

Steve Aktinson was the best part of the opening in my opinion, can’t wait for the 100m.

Steve Atkinson? don’t you mean Rowan? yer phelps has had a strange Olympics so far…maybe hes getting old :confused: but he did really well in the relay for USA earlier but then France grabbed it just at the end

Dude im down that lochte lost the 200 freestyle relay…he had such a great turn but the frenchie pulled ahead just barely at the end…wow i have never been that much on the edge of my feet…wow :no::no::no:

Yes, I have no idea why I said Steve. :s

well phelps has made history wtg!!

the 100 m freestyle where everyone finished within a sec was EPIC!!!

So what event have we all been enjoying the most? Im really enjoying the swimming and rowing at the moment, Garry Herbert’s commentary on the rowing (BBC) just gets your adrenaline running :smiley: and the swimming has been real high standard too and is great to watch! LETS GO TEAM GB!!!