The Official Alltaken Needs Sound on Linux Thread

Every once in a while I seem to notice that Alltaken still has no sound in Linux. Seeing that there are a ton of Linux users in this forum, I think it’s time this gets fixed.

Alltaken, post your specs.

Aww, how SWEET.

Alltaken still has no sound because he sucks. After all this time there can be no other explanation… :smiley:

In other words, cue the Linux fanboyism!


When I had sound problems, it was my card not being detected, and alsa MONO output turned off.

I almost destroyed my computer trying to get my sound to work. After much chaos I finally got my computer and sound card to work together in harmony.


yes i need sound in Linux still, but even the best Linux users (basse in particular) have given up, i seem to be a lost cause that just causes frustration.

i am using the nforce4 8channel sound chip. of which i can only get front and rear speakers working. (that is 4 speakers of my 6 i need)

i get no sub or centre, the Sub is the most important, more important than the rear ones even.

nvidia has no ALSA drivers for it. their OSS drivers are worse than the default Intel drivers…

its all a bit insane. i will likely just wait till next year and try again.


Then use Windows.

I ran across a few sites that mentioned the chipset being the Realtek ALC850 8-channel audio CODEC. Have you tried the Realtek factory drivers? I know that they produce some for *nix.

pWned! Linus Torvald style!

my thoughts exactly.


windows with sound


linux without sound

let me think about that for a nanosecond

linux wins :wink:

I havent got any problems with sound for Linux.

Mind you I aint using 6 speakers.

2 speakers & a subwoofer for me. :smiley:

If your using KDE go into KInfoCentre and find if its being detected. If so get its product ID & vendor ID and do some searching on the specific chip set.

And if you do get the product ID & vendor ID post them up so we can all search for drivers.

Well i was doing some searching and I found this:

What’s New in This Release:

· Adds support for nForce 430/410 motherboards
· Adds support for 8-bit audio playback
· Compatibility fixes

Thsi might help you. If you havent already tried it.

Have you tried magic? Magic sometimes works.

Choosing Linux over Windows in this situation is where common sense degrades to spineless fanboyism.

My mobo is a couple of years old, it’s nforce 2 and the sound chipset on that is still not properly supported under Linux i’d have to use the intel driver Alltaken mentions as NVidia’s is no good and doesn’t support hardware mixing. So I guess you’ll be waiting sometime.

The various Linux distro forums are full of ‘when will Nvidia give us a proper driver and hardware mixing’ it still hasn’t happened.

So i dumped the on board sound as it was full of background noise and interference using the intel driver anyway and got a Audigy PCI card, problem solved, full features and hardware mixing under linux.


Choosing Linux over Windows in this situation is where common sense degrades to spineless fanboyism.

I don’t think Alltaken has chosen Linux over Windows because of sound, there’s a bit more to it than that, it ain’t spineless fanboyism.

So Linux appears to be missing drivers for a particular piece of hardware, so what. Change / substitute the hardware. Just like Blender is missing so much of what Max has for example.

There’s always a price to pay.

Nforce2 is what I have and it works flawlessly for me.

Anyway, Alltaken, check the Realtek drivers. I ran into more than one site that people siad that they where surprised when they found out that the chipset was not Intel after all.

So get rid of the 2 speakers.

Skottish wrote:

Nforce2 is what I have and it works flawlessly for me.

Out of interest, is that the Sound Storm chip? If so are you using an Nvidia driver or intel8x0?