The official BlendRend batch renderer software thread

Thread can be closed software is no longer available for download and have been superseded by BlendRend2.

Hello guys and gals!

Today i made my batch renderer for blender also known as “BlendRend 1.0” available to anyone for free for any use, if things go well i might be looking at creating a premium version with more bells and whistles. Feel free to give it a go, if you have any questions, feedback or wonder how something works feel free to post here or contact me via twitter @Zweshi and i will do my best to get you up and running.

Download Link: No longer available for download
Share platform: Dropbox
File format: .Zip
Full file name: BlendRend 1.0.Zip

Developer: Jonas Melander
Twitter: @Zweshi

Outline of operation:
This software will once you press the “Start rendering” button generate a .bat file(Rend.bat) that runs through all the .blend files you specified, render the first frame of each then save the image file and move onto the next .blend. When done the .bat file closes itself down and you have your freshly rendered files saved in the same folder as your .blends.

You should not need to install anything to get going provided that you have DirectX 9 or later. Just unzip the folder where you want it and press the .exe file and your rolling.


Q: Is this software free?
A: Yes.

Q: Can i use this software for commercial use?
A: Yes, you can use it however you like, under the MIT license.

Q: Do i need to credit you in the renders from this software?
A: Absolutely not, the output is your to do as you wish with.

Q: What do you as a developer get out of this?
A: For the moment nothing but the joy of seeing my program being used.

Q: Is the software based on an existing code base?
A: Yes, this version(being 1.0) is based on the Torque3D engine.

Q: Why is this program written in Torque3D, isent that a game engine?
A: The reason why its scripted in Torque3D is because i know there GUI system/Script/Code extremely well(Been working with it for over 5 years). I could have written it in python or C/C++ as im proficient in those languages as well but it would have required more work to get it going and since i initialy didnt design the software for the public writting it from the ground up didnt seam like a good idea at the time as it has no effect on the products function.

Q: Why is this not a addon for blender instead of a seperate program?
A: I favour a secondary program since my own workflow revolves around a ton of different .blend files rather then one file with different light/scene setups, so it made sense to go with a secondary program rather then a addon.

Q: How do i change the rendering setting from Blender internal to Cycles or vice versa?
A: in the box labeled “Rendering engine” you want to input either “CYCLES” or “BLENDER_RENDER” without the air quotes.

Q: I use a different renderer for my workflow will this software still work?
A: Yes, it should work with any renderer that works through Blender, in this case you want to find Blenders definition for your specific renderer (for cycles it is “CYCLES” for example) and input it in the “Rendering engine:” box.

Q: How does this software work under the hood?
A: The software works by generating a .bat file (Rend.bat) from the information you provide. The .bat file will then run through all the specified files and render frame 0 and save it for you.

Q: I am having trouble with naming convensions, what is the correct naming convension?
A: If your files names are like this: BlendRendFile01.blend, BlendRendFile02.blend, BlendRendFile03.blend you should fill out the fields like this:
Blend file name box: BlendRendFile
Amount of files: 3
Render postfix: Preview
Your file must always be followed by a 0 and a non zero value like this: BlendRendFile054.blend even though the 0 isent entered into the file name field it is still needed for proper function.

Best regards and happy rendering!

It works on Win 7?At the start it gives me 2 errors:

1st message: Missing file X3DAudio1_7.dll
2nd message: Unable to load game library: C:…\BlendRend 1.0\BlendRend.dll. Please make sure it exists and the latest DirectX is installed.

Sorry for my bad English … is the fault of Google Translator !!! :smiley:

Thanks… but works it on Win 7?
When I start the program gives me two error messages:
1st message: Missing file X3DAudio1_7.dll
2nd message: Unable to load game library: C:…\BlendRend 1.0\BlendRend.dll. Please make sure it exists and the latest DirectX is installed.
Best regards. Bob

Sorry for my bad English … is the fault of Google Translator !!! :smiley:

Hello bob yes the program works on Win7, sorry to hear your having issues. The X3DAudio1_7.dll and your second error most likely indicates that you need to download the DirectX end-user runtimes (June 2010) which is used by this software as it is predicated on DirectX 9.

Here is a direct link to microsofts website where you can download the needed DirectX installer:

Let me know if your having additional problems and i will see what i can do to help you further.


Thanks a lot, now it works! :yes::cool::cool:

Best regards. Bob

Sorry for my bad English … is the fault of Google Translator !!! :smiley:

Hey guys and gals, been a while since i posted so i though i would drop in and give an update on the future of this project. So BlendRend is getting a major face lift with a 2.0 version written in python with plenty of new fancy features. My hope is to, with 2.0 go from a “multi file” approach to a both multi and singular file system, or in other words regardless if you want to run multiple .blends or just one .blend with multiple render setups in it BlendRend should be a good choice for you.


Alrighty i think its time for another update on 2.0. As you might have guessed by the already month passed without a release ready this project is not exactly at the top of my priority list at the moment but with that being said progress is slowly starting to come in. The GUI setup is almost written in stone(as far as coder art is concerned that is) and underlying features are being worked on.

Here is a pictue of the current software “in dev” version: