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Here is a render I recently made in Blender. Fairly simple scene; two characters, one light source, etc.

Biggest problem here was getting the light on the stairs just right. I used a massive emit plane to get the sunlight. Ended up adding 2 area lights, one at the top of the stairs to simulate light falling onto the lower floor, and another beside the character on the left to add a slight bounce and light up the face.

The character on the left was lit with a few area lights, all I forgot to turn off in the reflection on the floor, but I don’t mind too much.

Compositing was quite easy. One mist pass to separate the midground, heavy DoF, and a bit of Bloom/chromatic aberration. Dust particles and a slight godray were added in as a final touch.



What is your process for dust particles?

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I often add them in post-production through Adobe Photoshop. I have an Adobe Stock subscription so I hunt around there for some good dust images, then overlay them on the render using the “Color Dodge” or “Screen” blending modes.

After that, it’s just finessing the position of the layers and masking them with a soft brush to look natural.

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this is a great idea SC


Thank you Amy! :smiley:

I want to render that whole scene so much but the geometry count makes my Mac LAG like crazy XD


I wasnt able to render it either, this is an edit of 6 seperate renders

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Wowsers! I had no idea…it’s such a clean compositing job! Was it done purely in Blender or some other software?


Yo, Spice has joined the chat.


the indvididual renders were done in blender but the editing was done in photoshop

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Made a render based off a scene from the Deadpool and Wolverine trailer, but I feel like it looks a bit off. Any advice that might help it look a bit better?


The lighting looks pretty grey, mayhaps change the saturation and contrast?

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Welcome bro! Glad you could make it!

@Epic-Randomness: That looks great to start! Lovin’ the DoF!
A few points of recommendation:

  • Add some contrast, especially in the sun. The shadows are a little too soft.
  • The camera angle could be a bit more dramatic if you placed it lower and tilted up.
  • I might make the DoF a bit stronger but that’s just me
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I like it! Here’s my two cents: I would increase the intensity of the depth of field, and darken the background a bit to make the minifigs stand out a bit more. You could also use light linking to add rimlighting to the minifigs.

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Ok thanks! I’ll try that.

Hey, nice to be here. This is my upcoming animation TRAILER. I combined stop-motion and Blender 3D. Check it out and tell me what do you think:


This is amazing! :exploding_head: The blend between stop-motion and 3D is seamless! I’ve never seen in done so well! Those lava simulations look so good, and you matched the lighting in 3D excellently! The compositing (glare, DoF, etc.) helps everything to blend really well while giving it that cinematic look. EXCELLENT job! You should be really proud! :smiley:

Out of curiosity, how did you do the facial animations? Was that added in Blender or some other software?

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Took you all’s advice and fixed it a bit.


That looks a lot better! Those surface imperfections stand out too! :slight_smile:

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