The Oil Change - short film

(Michael Litherland) #1

I don’t know if a post with a project like this makes sense in this forum, so if we feel it doesn’t belong I’ll happily remove it. The portion I used Blender for consists of the title and credit graphics. The part in the middle contains very real people. I’m an actor and a filmmaker and when I can include graphics done in Blender to spice things up I love to do so. This is my most recent project (Eyerock Productions, there’s a tag for it at the end of the film, is my company). I have one complete project with a spider made in Blender is composited into the film, and I have three more projects underway where the work in Blender is more than just title graphics.

Again, let me know if it’s OK to post this here, and if not I’ll remove it.

The live-action portion of the film does have some mature language.

Thank you!

(Clockmender) #2

Personally speaking, I don’t mind you posting films here that have content other than Blender derived bits in them, it helps to show what can be achieved with Blender, just don’t make it too much of a sales pitch for yourself, or your company. This is my view, not necessarily BA policy…

Cheers, Clock.

PS. Nice film by the way!