The Old Dock

I haven’t posted in a long time so I figured this would be a good project to do. My Uncle was thinking about building this boat in real life so he bought the study plans. Here What the boat looks like.

Edit: this boat will be part of a scene The Old Dock.


I made the hull and a stand to sit it on while I model the rest. I will decide outdoor or indoor scene after I am finished.


Now for the deck, cabin and deck railing


I couldn’t stand the white hull texture so I fixed it adding dirt. I will add some damage later (scraps n scratches). I am experimenting with linked files while I do this. I am making the model in separate library files for each part and linking them into a scene file as a proxy. Mainly doing it for educational purposes but I figure having a library of parts is a good idea for future projects.

Here is where I am right now.

Hull done with base material
Deck-rail done but needs material work
Deck in with base materials and anti skid texture added
Cabin in with base material

Next Will be the aft hand railing, hatches and aft lockers.


I have finished the hatches and railings. I am taking extra time with some parts I know I will add to my library files for future projects. Here Is a hinge and the updated hull.


I made a new Steal material but am not quite sure it’s right yet here it is on Suzanne. I also added the bowsprit in and messed with the wood textures a bit more.


I have added in a bunch of oddball stuff today but spent most of my time setting up a material library. I am using linked materials in the scene file. That way I reduce the chance of multiple copies of the same material and insure that all changes are reflected in all parts using that material


looking great. keep ti up

Coming along very nicely. If everyone wasn’t fixated on the BL2 competition then I’m sure you would get more feedback here.

This is looking very nice. You are making great progress. My only crits so far would be scale of the wood textures looks a bit big (if this is to appear as a life size boat) also the grain direction on the rudder I would think would run more parallel with the long edges.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks LoopyShane and SpindleRift!

Thank you too cclark! You are right about the wood textures being too big. I have left them large for right now because I am having directional issues as you can see and was having trouble seeing the grain direction clearly at the smaller scale. I haven’t worked much in making wood procedural textures and am still having quite a hard time getting things to look just right. They never quite look real. The rudder is a jpg image instead. I will have to uv map it to get the direction right I think.

I have gone over as many tutorial on wood as I can find but none look all that real when finished. The gain is easy the knotholes are not. I am finding that procedurals look great on one side of my objects but horrible from the others.

I didn’t get much done today spent most if my time working on textures. I did fix the Rudder texture.


Oh yeah, those textures are starting to come along. I like how this is coming out. Keep up the good work.

:smiley: I love when things start working out.

I made some good progress today I have pretty much all the really big parts modeled now I work on the small stuff (porthole, fittings, rigging, bow chain etc…)


I am too the point I need to start thinking of where to put the boat. Here is my first Idea. I blocked out some shapes to get a feel for the composition and possible camera angles, lighting that I will need. This model is extremely crude on purpose. I will do the actual modelling when I am happy about the composition.


I finished the portholes and am busy setting up a scene to put it in. I decided it is important to know what camera angles and lighting I will use. It will massivly reduce how much left I have to model. For one thing I can loose the sails because It will be docked.

I have also been playing with water.


Finally got my steel figured out. So here is my steel. I hope it is believable


I am still working on material. I am trying my hardest to come up with some believable water and am ready to pull out my hair. Here is my latest attempt. This time I used a plane with tons of geometry and displaced it using the cloud texture set to hard noise and then baked the normals on a low poly plane.


Here is the same scene with a high poly model of the water plane instead. I ran a test with Suzanne to see the difference between a high poly and low poly normal bake mesh. below are my results


Nice one Jimtuv

Like the image of suzanne in the ocean, the waves look good.

Any chance of a wireframe of the boat? And maybe a breif over view of how you went about the difficult bits?

Are you using B25 for the modelling - I’ve a mind to model a ship at some point, either that or a walk thru for fellow beginners on modeling a digital camera once Blender 2.5 is at a stage I consider useable [intend to use the tut at CGTuts++ for modo and convert to Blender, if I can figure out how to use Blender].

Cannot stand the pre 2.5 interface though I have been watching Blender since it went open source.