The Old Forest Car


What’s your question here? Should you have put this in the Works in Progress section rather than in the Support section?

Cheers, Clock.

sorry prety new here so…i just posted i did not notice it is in the support section

@Fweeb or @bartv can you move this to the appropriate thread please.


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If your looking for critique, I think it’s a great looking car. But it’s a great looking car with paint chipping, corrosion, rust, and spider webs. It’s missing a layer of dust and grime. To my eye the shininess is too close to the surface.

Great work though. Well beyond what most can achieve.

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If you want critique…

The material on the black interior parts needs work. It’s too black & white, it should be black and gray. The two colors should blend together and not be such a sharp contrast between the two.

Same for the chrome… The chrome appears to have dots of rust. That’s not how chrome ages. Chrome, generally ages by looking like it’s corroded, then rust sets in. Unless of course the metal below the chrome rusts first… then the chrome blisters away from the metal and peels off…

Good work and with material work, it could be really great. I do like the spider webs, I think you nailed that!


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Thanx for the critiques… very insightful