The Old General Store. A Graphic Novel Style Finished Project

Rendered in Cycles. 400 samples. Optix denoising. Three brand new trees which saw a lot of repeated use. One dirt texture, heavily edited, from

It is finished.


Looks great, I’d love to see it from more angles :slight_smile:

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Sure thing! :smiley:

I changed the lighting around a bit, both for the sake of variety, and to show off more of the side I’m aiming at. I’ll say it’s gone from evening to morning.

Fantastic, this has turned out really good well done! Great style and texturing.
I’m not too keen on the fog in the last render, I like the first clear image more for this sort of toon look. I do like the lighting differences, it would be nice to see the second lighting without the volume.

Here you go.

The more contrasted lighting does lend itself better to the comic aesthetic I’m leaning towards, but, well, I just really like my mists. I’m all about those dewy mornings and foggy nights, even if it does clash with my style.

…also, looking at the grass from this angle, I really could’ve used some transitional scrub. It goes from dirt to grass too sharply.

Hell, I should’ve put this into focused critiques. :stuck_out_tongue:

No it is really good! Do not take notice, it was not a real critic I just had curiosity to see a clean version. :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry, I’m not bothered or anything. It’s just that now that it’s a day later, and I’m looking at it from all these different angles and lighting styles, I can see a ton that I could improve.

I’ll just keep it all in mind for my next render. I’m LEARN-NING!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Alright! Thanks much! :smiley: