The Old House

Greetings, I just want to announce my new little personal project, which I plan to finish before Edson ED-3. It will be interior ArchViz, but not super clean like most of them.

It should be cca 50 years old house, with furniture from 60/80 years, but renders will be taken after millenium. Design of house is mix between fantasy and real inspirations.
House is located somewhere in my country, so post-communist vibes is sure thing, + slavic vibes too.

Project is in early stage so nothing much to see here, but I hope you like it so far.

Red marks in openings means permanently closed doors, and green marks means interactive doors.


Looking forward to seeing your progress :grinning:

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Thank you strapazie, that is very nice of you.

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Finished models of two doors. My latest skill and modeling method, which I found some time ago, but never used until now. These two doors are best models from my production so far.

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I have no idea how this things is called in english.
But straight translation from my language is “glassconcrete”, or “luxfery”.

Model is finished, extra details later, with help from normal map.

One block have 9 520 polys.

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Glass block ? :slight_smile:
They are called glass blocks in English and the windows are called glass - block windows.

Looks great ! The textures \ materials are gorgeous. :heart:

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Thank you for your explanation and compliment The3DLioness, I love that effect on glass too. :smile:

Fully procedural by the way, nothing final though, just for this render purpose.

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Finished cases for door handles, just this two types for now, but more to come, + my sketch that I used in creation process, not all proportions are identical, but most of them are.

Polycount is:
Left case - 45k
Right case - 60k

Btw, that screws are normal map baked from high poly model.

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I found some time for modelling in previous weeks, so here is a little update. Almost finished door handles.

Finished models so far.

Nice work so far. (btw všim jsem jsi že jsi Slovák :wink: )

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Thank you very much my slavic brother. :smile:

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Finally some progress on this project, this time it is a textures test.
Textures are made from highpoly models, and there are six variations so far.
Which one do you like most? I like B and D.

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I just tried to put everything together and this 360° render was born.

Here is also a flat image.:

Some concept for the locks.