The Old Kingdom Project (Blender Game)

I know this looks like a long post, but bear with me. I’m not sure if anyone here’s ever read the books Sabriel, Lireal, or Abhorsen by Garth Nix. If you have, awesome. If not, it’s basically about a girl who’s dad is a necromancer(he controls the dead) and who enters death to make sure dead spirits stay dead. I’m not doing the series justice with this summary, so I suggest you follow this link: Anyway, I’m a novice game designer/coder, and I wanted to see if anyone here would be interested in helping in the making of a Sabriel game in Blender? The idea came to me just after I finished reading Abhorsen. I thought to myself, this story would be even more awesome if I could experience it firsthand. Then it occurred to me that I could. The game will be in third person view, with the option of a male or female player, and the gameplay would slightly resemble Morrowind/Oblivion, with a main quest but also many side quests. The plot is a work in progress. It is set 200-ish years before Sabriel, in the time after Kerrigor killed the royal family. Your group of travelers is attacked and killed, but you manage to escape the attackers. You are alone in the middle of nowhere, and all seems hopeless. You haven’t had food in a long time and you feel the life fading from you. You pass into Death and the cold waters pull you through the First Precinct. Just before you reach the First Gate, you are pulled out of Death by the current Abhorsen. When you regain consciousness, you find yourself in a tent with the Abhorsen. He looks at you with a particular interest. You try to ask him what happened but fade back into deep slumber. When you wake again, you feel well rested and ready for another day. The Abhorsen tells you that you will be training with him from now on(This serves as sort of a tutorial). Controls are introduced, and you learn about the bells and a bit of Charter Magic, and Death. Then, one day, the Abhorsen is nowhere to be seen, and a white cat(Mogget/Yreal) informs you that you are the new Abhorsen. You get the bells and sword. You are given quests and so on and so forth. If you’ve played any Zelda game you’ll notice that there’s always a helper NPC(for instance, Midna from TP or Navi from OoT). Mogget serves as that character and gives you advice and guidance throughout the game. Plot changes/ideas are accepted. If you’re interested in the idea, let me know. Thanks


Use proper spacing and such to draw the reader in. Most people flee upon the sight of a wall of text. I however like text so it’s not a problem for me. :cool:

If you want people to help you: appear professional, that way worthwhile people join, and a worthwhile project gets done. :wink:

Just my two cents, and by the way welcome to the Blender Community:D

PS: Sounds like an awesome project.