The Old Republic


So I was wondering if anyone on here has or is planning on pre ordering the old republic? :slight_smile: Me and a friend are trying to get a guild set up but we need at least 4 people with it pre ordered to deploy it and only have two :frowning:

Forces of The Empire is guild that will focus on both PVP and PVE grounds. We set play time as heavy (or 20+ hours) but as long as you are serious about playing you are welcome to join. We will be up at launch and will be willing to help and learn about the game as a guild. Feel free to join :slight_smile:


Oh wow. I wanna do it!
So, is the game the usual $60 affair? It says it’s coming in Dec.
So, is the Guild just bad guys, or good guys, or what?
And what classes can we play?
Heavy role-play, huh?
That sounds fun. Count me in. Please keep us updated.

the game is $60 for standard and $80 for deluxe (which comes with some cool in game items) plus a $5 preorder fee, also it’s a $15 a month subscription(but it comes with one month free).

As for the guild, yes it’s empire only, we felt the classes were cooler for them than the alliance unfortunately. :confused: also play as whatever class you like! we don’t mind! we’d like to have a balance of the classes (so far we have a tank and healer) but if you want to be something than be it!

Yes the release date I believe is dec 20 but you have up until two weeks early to pre order I think because anyone who pre orders it early access to the game! (which is why we want to get our guild deployed soon!)

So you can join the guild whenever but if you are going to join PLEASE consider pre ordering it! we really need it to get the guild going!

EDIT: I just looked and it looks like the $5 fee is included in the full price, so it’s just $60 or $80 depending on the version

That sounds really good. I’m gonna do it.
I love the Old Republic books (especially the Darth Bain books by Karpeshyn) and I loved the Old Republic games. I played the first one and also Sith Lords, beat both, and loved it. Great stuff.
Yeah, I’m gonna do it. And I’m gonna join your guild, if that’s okay. I’ll pre-order. We’ll have a totally dashing Guild. Do we get to name the Guild? (I love naming stuff…)
What can you tell about gameplay?

Yeah go for it! And if you’re pre ordering then it’d be even more reason to want you on :stuck_out_tongue: As for a name it’s already named forces of the empire. For game play it’s somewhat like world of warcraft but more fast paced… If you go on the site and look around you should be able to find some gameplay videos.

Once you join the guild you can see the roster with me and two others on it and it says who’s pre ordered. It says only one person because I haven’t yet but am doing it in the next couple weeks. Also you can post on the guilds private (or the sites public) forum if you wanna ask anything. If its related to our guild the private forum is probably better :wink:

EDIT: also if you want you can go to the site, set up an account, and join the guild now (following the link above) which is preferred :slight_smile:

Alright, cool will do.
I watched a lot of those trailer vids. It looks really great. This is pretty exciting. It looks like they’re going on with the stories from the stand-alone Old Republic games. Very cool stuff.

No one else? :frowning: