The One Ring *final render on page 2*

I know there a bunch of topics on that subject but still here is soemthing i made for fun, any comments appreciated.

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WoW! Really nice image. I like the warm light. Very realistic.
But is the ring supposed to be HUGE? That´s the feeling I got because of the bording on the floor. But I like the floor a lot. Great stuff.

very very nice! but I’ make the phrase more brilliant (I hope it’s clear altought my english is bad)…

The ring is too yellow. And if you can see the runes, they should be glowing red. You should take away some of the light and do a Yafray render with caustics.

you should mqake the floor/table boards smaller and yes you should make the runes glow red

Fantastic. How’d you do the inscription? Boolean? Nor mapping?

Anyways, lets see… I’d agree that the ring is too yellow and too big compared to the wood texture. I’d say its best you bring down the size and add more reflexion to it to make it more brilliant.

Good job!

  1. The ring is waaay too yellow.

  2. It looks a bit too tall.

  3. They inscription should be red, because that’s the only time you can see it (when heated to an extreme degree).

  4. Increase the reflection a bit more, in the movies (Tolkien doesn’t say from the books :wink: ) it is very reflective.

All right, thank you for your comments, after reading them i made an update:


That looks good. I would think the wooden boards would have to be larger, to be realistic. Generally floor boards would be at least 5 cm across whereas the ring would be at most 2 cm across.

Thank you, here is an update:


Very good image, like alot of other rings i’ve seen.

Ahhh, looking good now, no more crits.

Wow, absolutely stunning! I love it. The only thing I see (and it’s little) is that, in my opinion, the inscription should be glowing a bit.

Much better!

From what I remember from the movie
the inscription should be a little more red.

Looks like you used the uffizi probe as an Angmap for reflections.
I suggest you use something else.

So how exactly did you do the inscription?

The letters have 3 layers, I bumped it and used Emit option for the color.

An update: :smiley:


Perfect. Just perfect. No crits at all.

Am I correct in assuming that you used radiosity for the glowing letters?

he used Emit …

Such a wonderful image that I hate to crit; it seems to me that the floor boards are still too small. I have hardwood floors and the boards are about 2 1/4 inches wide.

I would think that the diameter of the ring should be about 1/2 to 1/3 the width of the board.

he used Emit …

Using emit alone, without radiosity turned on in the render, will not create a glow, though, unless I’m much mistaken.