The One Ring (well, sort of ..)

Hi all

this is my first image post here, please be patient :slight_smile: … I was just tring to test the new Blender features and Yafray integration (never used it before) … I wanted to do something simple, just to test lighting and HDRI … so, after seeing the beautiful example
of eeshlo of a ring i thought to try this one

I know, it has a lot of problems (the elfic runes are almost unreadable), but hey, Yafray and Blender really rocks … the model is trivial (a holed cylinder with subdivision) … for the ground I used a concrete texture I found around in google … and for the environment a kitchen hdri (again found out using google).

Bye, Riccardo :slight_smile:

looks pretty cool actually :P.

I agree. Now play with the lighting. Also remember the rule that the eye is attracted to the brightest part of the picture. It is also attracted to contrast. That is why your eye is constantly being drawn away from the Ring and toward the background it’s sitting on.

Now, how about setting. Right now the Ring of Power is lying on the pavement like some damned fool dropped it. Put it on a pedestal in a darkened room. Make the light that’s reflecting off of it be unearthly Fire. Or make the Ring itself glow. Or both. The Ring is quite good. “Now tell me a story.”


thanks a lot for the comments and suggestions … yes, sundialsvc4, I need to find a good story and put it in the image … I’ll try what you suggest (a more dark environment, some fire and glowing, a better placement than the dirty floor) … unfortunately tomorrow I’ll leave for vacations and I’ll be away from computer for one week … but some days with just a sheet of paper and a pencil will probably help to find out some inspirations :slight_smile:

Thanks again and see you

very cool - what light probe did you used?

Nice and it really does look like gold, I don’t care about the runes, I can’t interpret them anyway.

Hi @ner

I think it is called kitchen_probe.hdr … I’ve found it on google by searcing around for some free hdr images … I am not sure is a good idea to leave the One Ring on the floor of the kitchen, by the way :slight_smile:

For the Gold material, mostly copied the one in the eeshlo example, plus some tweaking of mine … anyway, as soon as I’ll be back from vacation and I’ll be able to work a little bit more on this scene I’ll send the blender file if someone is interested (nothing you’ll be able to learn from, I’m neither an artist or a blender expert … just a practitioner)