The One Ring

I would like to thank all the peple who helped me in the WIP thread and gave me support and help on the IRC channel. Here is the final render:


lookin’ good :wink:

Very nicely done.

Even though i said its the last one here is another tweaked version… :stuck_out_tongue:


Great job, Antiggo. Your blender skills have progressed so far over so short a time 8).

I actually think more glow would be better on the first image, but I think the second is too glowy. . .just my opinion.


As I’ve told you, awesome work Antiggo!
Diddo to Obiwan; you have progressed very quickly over a short period of time and proven to be quite a great artist. Keep up the good work buddy!


i say, turn that picture into blender gallery. i guarenty you will get in. i know good work when i see it, and this is it.

:stuck_out_tongue: cotokid :<

Very nice! I like the feel of the seccond image better, but I like the glow on the writing better on the first one, just my $.02. Overall great piece.


Nice job! I like it a lot. how long have you been using blender?

Compared to an average plank of wood, this one would indeed be hard to bear for a hobbit. The proportions are totally off. I also see a building in the reflection that seems not to be from middle earth.

Everything else is nice.

eek thats amazing work :), altho i wud agree that the reflection in the ring cud be different

That’s just a photo from the film, surely… isn’t it? :o

That is amazing.

The Ring of Power itself looks really nice, especially what you did with the letters.

However – as nico pointed out – it looks far too large for a ring destined to be worn on a finger (either reduce the size of the Ring, or increase the size of the wood texture). Also, choose a better environment image. :wink:

Very nice, but shouldn’t the table be reflecting also?

Reflections at ring’s surfacre with your hdri doesn’t match ancient ages. Try it with grace. Anyway very good work.

Some nitpicky issues with the enivronment, but the ring is very well done. I like it a lot.

yeah great work, i prefer the first 1 becase the second is glowed out blured too much but still amazing peice of art.

:o It’s amazing!

How long took the whole process from thinking of it to the final picture?

and when did you starded learning Blender?

great blender masterpiece! :smiley: I was just thinking that the wooden boards are a little too small. Or maybe I’m being nit-picky? I dunno. lol