THe only good Cyborg...

Hi guys,

This is my current work, but I’m not happy with the skin/flesh texture.

I’ve tried a ‘realistic’ face texture, but that looked wrong. Then I tried a ‘meat’ texture, and that was wrong too. This is a combination of burned flesh and rotting flesh, but I still feel it looks too much like a waxwork.

Any pointers?


Note image updated


I would say the skin needs SSS and the tank needs dirt. Pretty cool render btw!

I agree with kriv - the tank needs some grunge. The tread/track also needs to have some slack - it is too tight. But the modeling is great. Is that burned wood in the right foreground? The skin on the head looks like burned flesh - creepy. Maybe add some fragments of wood or ?? on the stone near the head…

Try more red in the textures in the areas where the skin is broken, and perhaps some white for the tendons (if that are tendons going towards the jaw). Generally, a more differentiated head texture, with skin parts and flesh parts in the right places. Now it looks like waxwork or plastic as you said (which would be ok too, for a cyborg).

The black burnt thing looks out of place (would fit better with some ash and coal pieces lying around on the ground)

Try placing the camera slightly higher (to not cut off the bottom of the head flesh).

Good idea.
But need better materials I think,and the head should be fouse of the whole picture.

One word: Creepy. lol

Ok guys,

thanks for the input.
I have messed with the SSS on the flesh, and remodelled and retextured it. I tried more red, and it looked too ‘fresh’ as I’m trying for it having been there a while.
I know I need some more clutter down front and especially to the left to balance the picture.

The tank is now dirtier and the tracks are less straight.

I also added some ‘smoke’ and ‘dried blood’ colours to the concrete to match it in a bit better.

Just realised that the skin has got way too shiny, - need to deal with that!


Tried a night time render just to see what the effect was.

Totally changed the skin texture and the lighting. New image in the top post

Reasonably happy with this.