The only problem with the blender game engine

It shoots a “pulse” on every frame.

Why is this a problem you say? Basically what this means is that if you’re getting 10 frames a second it’ll tell a motion sensor to set a force of say 10 every frame, or 10 times a second. But if you have a computer that rusn the game at 60 frames a second it’ll fire a pulse 60 times in one second, meaning that your slow guy at 10 frames a second just got a hell of a lot faster.

I’ve noticed that this only really affects force though, you can see an example of this slowdown and mess up in Roller 2, which is in one of the community journals around here if you want to download it.

I’m just ranting about this because i think it needs to be fixed, you never see these bugs in some of hte games, exept in games like GTA 3 or Vice city, but they have a thing called a Frame Limiter to stop it. It’s still really anoying though.


Yes this is a problem, mostly with jumping, but also when trying to do multiplayer. Not exactly sure how to fix this one though, need to put a timer in somewhere to base the force amount based on the timer rather than framerate but I don’t know where this would go. But definately something to think about and look into. In the meantime, I think linv works better than force, but it’s a bit harder to control.

hrm…yes, that is a problem…but besides that, ide like to see other things in the gameengine as well some day…

  1. bump map support
  2. better game lighting/spec. map support
  3. more complex logic brick system…i think somone actually did a re-design thing for blender logicbricks for a college paper or something…cant remember who that was :-?
  4. more advanced game engine/physics features
  5. particle system support(sutabi made a script for it, but ide like to see it actually integrated)
  6. better compresion for .exe’s

…hmm, maybe we can see these in blender3 hopefully?..hope atleast some of them, the gameengine features in blender need more work than anything i think…

Want to give a peice of your mind on what you want woo!

sutabi gonna be mah hero :smiley:

-Maybe this can help you


That article you’ve written looks really useful, but me not being a coder myself I can’t understand how to implement it. Do you think you could do an example file?



-The article is not mine(another Ben).Anyway I’ll try to do something

Ok, cool. Thanks


  1. bump map support

Actually this is very possible, u just need to fake it.

How in the world do you fake bump mapping???

i would tell ya but im gonna keep it a secret until sometime in august :wink:

Doesn’t bump mapping just edit the mesh so that it raises “bumps” out of a mesh acording to a bump map? If so, the game engine has “bump mapping” support, it’ll just slow the game down. You can do what they’re doing in Doom 3 and make a high poly model and apply textures of the high poly model onto a low poly model, making it look high poly if you want. Or just put a texture that looks bumpy, nobody’s goign to take that close of a look.


Bump mapping doesn’t add ‘bumps’ to the mesh, it just effects the way lighting affects the mesh so it appears that there are bumps on it.

wisemans right, it works like the rendered normal effect(“Nor”) in blender rendering/anim…its just a cool lighting/texture effect really…i mean, you can make good textures for objects with photoshop and add layer effects to make it “look” like parts are sticking out…but unless your exactly in front of the specific object, it doesnt look good at all compared to a real bump map effect…but yeah, ill check out those links…

I don’t think there ARE any game engines with bump map support, are there? Maybe on Xbox or something.


yes, XBox uses bump mapping, the only game i’ve seen with it though is Halo, and they use it in that for the tire treads, and to make the suits a little more detailed…

If I recall, giants: citezen kabuto had bump mapping. Lots of other engines have bump mapping:) But I don’t see it as too important a feature. The only way I could see you faking bumpmapping in blender, is to make an animated texture that has the shadows from the bumps going in all possible directions, and replace the mesh based on where the lights are. Oh I know another way:) Have an alpha texture with the shadows be in front of the texture you want to bump. Rotate the uv… Well, you’d have to make a seperate shadow texture for each bump, meaning more objects… Which could be pretty slow.

Nope, I really don’t see how you can fake bump mapping at all. If you could have python draw onto textures it would be possible. See, bump mapping is basically shadow faking. It doesn’t actually add polygons, but on a texture, it puts shiny lighting and shadows around where a bump WOULD be, based on where the light is. And it changes in real time. It’s kind of a cheap trick to make flat polygons look more interesting, but it works pretty well.

Good example here:

Of course it can be done:

You just have to start multitexturing or doing multipass rendering. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem since multitexturing was brought in with the TNT - modern cards could do all this in one pass.

Another way is to break out the pixel shaders 8) - if only I had a card that could do it.

PS Doom 3 will use bump maps too.

We’re talking about in blender, alien. At the moment we can’t access pixel shaders in blender, but they’re used to create a great water effect in morrowind.


-Pooba! Here is an example about the framerate indipendent

-There’s a Text in the example that explains it.
As regarding to the bump map question.It is a feature
of the third generation of Game Engines(as quake III)
Do you think Blender GE can compete with these GE???
So let’s talk about culling,BSP, multitexturing or something
that can help us to make real games with Blender,instead
of confused demos.IMHO.