The Opel GT

Mainly the shader. For all I know they’re spot on with the original, but at first glance, compared to the rest of the image, they seem just a little off. Examples I’ve see in Google images show a brushed chrome look.

Haa… yeah! It’s supposed to be one of those new special metal/carbon/exotic rims… the original ones are in fact as you mention, but I wanted to have special ones :evilgrin: Yeah, I know, it breaks the credibility a bit. Thanks for explaining!

Unbelievable true to life masterpiece.
Using it as my background for Desktop and Opera mini as i type this.

:slight_smile: Hehe Thanks King-Hermy! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it to that point.

awww cute. I like it.

Thanks RealityFox!

Hi… Great work Rogper…
but how you can create shadow on the road ? infact you just use HDRI as ligthing in cycles… Do you create a plane object as a shadow receiver ? if you did, could I know how to make a plane just to receive shadow in cycles… ?
Thanks very much

Hey Bintang Senja,
Thank you very much!

Yes, It’s just an HDRi image that lights the scene, so to have the car on the ground and not looking that it is floating you need to create a ground plane to receive the shadows, has you well mentioned.

Now to make a plane just to receive the shadows it’s tricky in Cycles or better saying you’ll need to use tricks :evilgrin:
The workflow I’ve used was first create two render layers; one renders the environment and the car (Carro) and the other just the plane from where I extracted not the shadows or occlusion but the Diffuse Direct and Diffuse Indirect pases (Sombra).

This method is dependent of the ground plane shader, so you should give it one that mimics the surface on the HDRi.
Also remember that you have to activate the “transparent” option under the separator “Film” on the Render properties.

Sweet Model, great rendering! Can’t wait to have a better handle on blender myself!

Hey CylinCG,
Thanks! If you give a look at the WIP thread you’ll see that I was a very mediocre modeler when I’ve started making GT. It was making it that I’ve learned how to handle blender properly.
One of my favorite famous quotes says that exactly:
“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” by Aristotle

Also I would like to take the chance to mention my mentors, Cinder1 and Kroni, they thought me allot and both have awesome works here :yes: Thanks allot both!

Btw, to the blenderartists moderator, thanks for the feature!.. again :smiley:

This is probably first time ever in the history of Internet that a 3D work was in the feature bar two times in any 3D forum.
And it deserves it !!!

Hey Bao2,
:smiley: didn’t had thought in that…

Very nicely done, congratulations on the Gallery placement.

The render did remind me of something that’s been on my mind lately though. We as artists need to find a way of reliably “un-sterilising” our high quality Cycles renders, without resorting to the expense of metro+bidir sampling as we find in Lux and others. You can be certain that if you had rendered the car in Lux, the headlights would look noticeably less sterile, more photorealistic. I believe it’s to do with inherent error that metro+bidir entails, bringing out random caustic effects that once they clear after a long time of rendering give you that sense of reality we cannot get by default from Cycles.

So the challenge for you in the future (and for the rest of us as well) is to develop tricks in Cycles renders that will bring them closer to that ideal of “3D photography”.

Thanks Ray Tungsteen,
I accept the challenge :yes:
About Lux, a friend of my (on other forum) has been trying to render Opel GT on it, it looks awesome and somehow more natural as you say, but it takes forever, 24h seem to not be enough, so cycles gets the job done… It’s probably my fault/laziness anyway :slight_smile: cycles could do it! hehe

I just love it! Finally all the work comes to this masterpiece :wink:
My new Wallpaper! :slight_smile:

Thanks chop_suey! I’m glad you liked it!
It’s now on my wallpaper too :yes:

Blender is impossible to master, they keep adding new stuff :evilgrin:

i rly like this. great work. im working on a lambo that im gunna print poster sized, so im working reel hard to get the small details right. if my lambo model can turn out anywhere near as well as your opel, here, i think it will be a success.

Thanks ThorntonStrolia!
I’ve already sent my GT to the printer, it will come in all the glory of a 50*40 cm dye-sublimation paper next week :slight_smile:
Good luck with the Lambo! You can make it even better :yes: you only have to be resilient. Good Luck and once you finish it, if you remember, personal message me with a note… depending the work on the future I might miss it here in the forum, now I’m curious.

Very, very nice! Excellent modelling and rendering skills.

Only 3 things I notice with your render:

  • The white reflection of the car on the road shouldn’t be so smooth. It makes the road look perfectly smooth/flat, if you know what I mean
  • The lights look great, but they dont look like how they would look in a photo. As, I believe ray Tungsteen was saying.
  • The hubcaps… I’m not sure if you want them to be so black/dull, but as for me, I prefer shiny wheels :slight_smile:

Incredible patience and an amazing result, great job!

Hey mokazon,
Thanks for the compliments and for pointing out the issues!

  • Regardinf the wheels I actually intended for them to look as they do, or better saying if I had a real White Opel GT I would want it to come with those rims hehe… but yeah I agree it would be preferable to have them shiny, it would look less unusual and as such more credible :slight_smile:

  • Agree with your first point, you’re right, should had used a bump map on the ground plane to make it road like, next time I’ll not forget it.

  • Also agree with the headlights issue :slight_smile: