The OpenGL® 3.0 specification released

At last!!! Been waiting for this one =D.

Now let’s see if it can really kick the stuffing out of DirectX 10;)

Unfortunately, the cake was a lie with this one. Looks like the spec is more of an OpenGL 2.2 than a 3.0. Many of the new things that were promised were removed, and perhaps as importantly, things that should have been removed weren’t (which is great for backwards compat, not so great for driver writers.) My first impression is that the Khronos Group really dropped the ball with this one.

does that mean I will NEED a card with openGL 3.0 drivers to use Blender 2.5?

Hmm I took a look at this earlier. Can any one in-the-know translate that article for us mere mortals? :spin: Like as in terms of what this means for Blender (if anything?) Also I read a while back that OGL 3 would run on GeForce FX and up hardware, that was a long time ago though. Is there any updated info on what hardware will be supported?

iirc, 3.0 was supposed to be essentially 2.0 but easier to develop with,
and 3.1 was supposed to bring actual new improvements power wise,
could recall wrong though, i suppose.

No need whatsoever.


thanks iaminnocent - had me worried for a bit with that comment!

But I don’t know if it is “good” for Blender if they focus on cad-apps rather than the game-industry.
Who can explain that to me?

Good for blender modeling wise, not so good for BGE.

Oh my god, they killed OpenGL!

The bastards!

Perhaps it was a strategic marketing move. DirectX is already in version 10 (11 is coming out soonish?)? Or they simply ran out of time.

Hopefully they will be able to include some of those missing things in the next major version. It was slightly disappointing to see objects missing the specification.

To me it seems that they reacter to the pressure from corportaion. It doesn’t make any sense like this, and I can’t believe they’re doing this.

Ohhh man!

If this is the end of OpenGL period, then this could be the end of Linux and OSX and thus Microsoft will have a monopoly in graphics and OS’s. At least I hope it doesn’t mean the end, the BGE used a much older version of OpenGL for a long time before it got graphics from the newest versions.

Though if this means all OpenGL programs will have to be completely rewritten from the ground up in DirectX. It could mean a monopoly in production and 3D apps. for Autodesk.

EDIT: Someone on is looking at positive signs at least:yes:

I’ve only skimmed over that specification for about 5 minutes, but so far it really doesn’t look that grim.
Yes, there are no objects. Yes, there is still fixed functionality around. No, there has been no complete API rewrite. But hey, so what.
Look at the positive side. A good number of extensions with valuable features has been promoted to core, even some features that weren’t initially announced at all. So, some stuff will be a bit less messy, which is good already.
Maybe “version 3.0” is a bit far fetched for what’s in the spec, I’d rather have called it 2.2 or 2.3, but hey… what do numbers really mean. Remember when Netscape jumped from 4 to 6 in one go? :slight_smile:

To be honest, this spec is a lot more than what I had expected to happen, and I see it as a very positive thing. In fact, I had expected that nothing happens at all, and I am very happy that we got at least half of what was promised, and a few goodies to comfort for the other half.
If you consider how many people/companies inside and outside of Khronos have excellent economic reasons against supporting and extending OpenGL, and how few people have a reason to support it at all, it’s a miracle.

Of course OpenGL isn’t going away. As you say, it’s the only 3D api available for Linux and Mac. That said, it would be nice if there was more of a reason to use OpenGL than just being the only thing out there. OpenGL is old and crufty; it was due for a massive cleanup, which was promised for 3.0. Then the ARB went silent for an entire year, with no news on the new spec. Now, they finally put out a new version, but it mostly just promoted some pre-existing extensions to core. The big cleanup never happened. And communication between the ARB and the community continues to be poor.