The Oppenheimer Trinity Nuclear Steam Car - Entry to the Hum3d Annual Car render Challenge

My Entry to the Hum3d Annual Car Render Challenge (2020)
See my final entry on Hum3d Here:

This was a fun project I did mostly on my stream
( I do a lot of blender stuff on there)

and then a lot of rendering over the last couple days to finish off
the final render took 29 hrs to finish. damn volumetrics lol! ( one or so hrs without, but overkill 2000 samples)

WIP Post on Artstation:

Final Renders on Artstation:

In a world where nuclear power gets adopted sooner and more widespread than our timeline, the Oppenheimer company develops a sports car based on steam power generated from a miniature nuclear reactor. An opulent car for sophisticated owners. Never needing petrol. its only exhaust: water. The radioactive waste and lack of sufficient shielding are factors that only will be discovered in time though.

The Trinity sits in front of a Victorian manor on a foggy morning.

Created from scratch based on an original design (done on stream with greasepencil)
and rendered in blender and half textured in substance painter. half with procedurals.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Oh Awesome! Thank you Bart, and you too!

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