The order of things

Alright, I am planning an animation project with 3 characters. However, I have never done an animation project this extensive before…

My question is what is the correct order to go about setting up the model.

Of course, you model it first.

Then do you UV Map it? Or Rig it? What order should I go about this and why? Is there anyway to prevent textures from stretching on an animated model also? Thanks for any help you can give :slight_smile:

I’m not he most well placed guy to talk about this because my experience in animation is null.

But my opinion would be to rig first. Because while rigging, you might see some places on the mesh than need to be retopologized to get a better deformation.

This means if you UVed before, you will have to redo UV mapping.

The best in this case is to model, rig and in the end UV and texture when you are happy with the rig and deformations.

Don’t quote me on this one though.

I was sorta thinking the same thing. Anyone else have any ideas? I really want to know to save time and energy haha…