The Ordinarily Extraordinarily Ordinary Show

This is a five minute video I did for a school project. It is mainly live action, but I used Blender for the background and for some lightsaber effects (at the end, if you want to skip the mumbo jumbo at the beginning). The movie is supposed to tell about me, who I am, etc, etc.

The following is mainly excuses for anything and everything that isn’t perfect:).
I made this from start to finish in a week and a half, which, for me anyway, is a very short time to work on a movie. I ended up cutting a lot of corners to make the deadline. This is also the longest movie I’ve done to date.

This is my first time using a green screen on an actual production. I tried using Blender’s nodes for all the visual effects, but I couldn’t get them to work satisfactorily, and I didn’t have time to fiddle with the nodes really. So, most of the combining (including the split screen) was done in Pinnacle Studio.

Nobody cares to comment? Not even to say how far they got with the video before being bored? :wink:

KJ3D, I like the video (I didn’t watch the whole interview)… I think you did very well with it! I liked how you appeared comfortable and easygoing on screen. How did you grade on it?

Of course, as a blenderartist forum “critic”, I’m gonna have some thots about it, but please don’t let these detract from the fact that this was really a great effort! First off, just a little refinement would really crank this up: making sure your duplicate self is at the same scale when onscreen together, working a bit on the greenscreen lighting to prevent the green bleeding effect, putting a more interesting background (perhaps something in motion), add some laugh tracks and/or other audio to make it less of a “studio stage” environment (perhaps even a funny “Kevin Eubanks” sidekick character), and knowing when its okay for a talkshow host to talk to the camera (sometimes they do.)

Again, I like that you let your personality shine thru without inhibition - really great. And the FX at the end were really well done, too… quite a complex scene there! I’ll be that took a lot of effort!

Honestly, did not watch most of it. I skipped around to see how you used Blender in it. I liked the Light-saber bit at the end, both technically and in a comical sense.

mzungo: Good thoughts. Many of those things you mentioned were/are the little things that bothered me with this project that I wasn’t able to do, due to either lack of time, or know-how (mostly know-how ;-), but this was a good learning project for me in Blender, and other software. I haven’t gotten back a grade on this yet, don’t know when I will. Thanks for taking time to watch even a part of this.

DichotomyMatt: To be honest myself, I probably wouldn’t watch the whole thing through either, if it was some stranger’s video. Glad you liked the sabers - my favorite part to make.